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Research Paper on Benjamin Bloom

Nearly every education major has heard the phrase "Bloom's Taxonomy". An excellent education research paper topic is the background on Benjamin Bloom, the founder of Bloom's Taxonomy. Have Paper Masters custom write you a research paper on Benjamin Bloom, giving you background on the extraordinary man that outlined how to classify educational objectives for education majors. By studying Bloom's origins, one can see how he developed his educational theories. Benjamin Bloom

Benjamin Bloom was an American psychologist who made substantial contributions to the field of education. Benjamin Samuel Bloom was born in 1913 in Pennsylvania. After earning his bachelor's degree at Pennsylvania State University, Benjamin Bloom went on to earn a Ph.D. in education at the University of Chicago. Bloom remained a professor at the University of Chicago for most of his career. He died in 1999.

Bloom's Model of Mastery Learning

Benjamin Bloom also made contributions to the study of intelligence. His experiments identified how early experiences could influence an individual's ability to learn. As a result, some of his work appeared to support the nurture side of the nature versus nurture controversy in psychology. Bloom also invented the model of mastery learning. This instructional model focuses upon the guidance of students through structured events, such as pre-tests and thorough feedback during the learning process. Research testing Bloom's mastery learning model have proven it to be effective and many instructors continue to use mastery learning techniques.


Bloom's Taxonomy

Benjamin Bloom is best known for his eponymous taxonomy. Bloom's taxonomy of learning objectives is a system of classification that organizes educational objectives into three distinct domains:

  1. The Cognitive
  2. The Affective
  3. The Psychomotor

The identification and structure of these domains drew heavily from Bloom's knowledge of psychology. Bloom's taxonomy is famous and serves as a useful tool for teachers planning their classroom curriculum.

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