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Behavioral Therapy for Children

Children are not immune from some of the very same issues that plague adults, as well as being subjected to unique mental stressors. Behavioral therapy for children may be required in cases of ADHD, autism, or emotional disorders. behavioral therapy for childrenSimilar to forms of adult therapy, behavioral therapy for children may consist of standard cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), applied behavior therapy, or play therapy.

Most forms of behavior therapy focus on reducing anxiety, becoming acquainted with alternative forms of thinking, and understanding that our feelings and moods can change out behavior. For children with ADHD, behavioral therapy may be used in conjunction with medication, with the stated goal of helping the child to improve his or her behavior. Techniques such as positive reinforcement, time-outs, response costs, and the creation of a token environment all have proven to be effective in behavior therapy for some children.

Developmental disabilities in children can put stressors on the entire family. Some children will learn negative behaviors early in life, or turn towards internalization and withdraw from the world. Behavioral therapy helps children to improve their physical, mental, and communication skills. Behavioral therapy for children often includes one-on-one therapy for parents as well, teaching them techniques to better understand their child’s particular needs as well as better parenting tools.

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