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Behavioral Theory Research Papers

Behavioral theory is a school of psychology originated by American scientist John Watson and furthered by the work of B.F. Skinner. Paper Masters will write you a behavioral theory research paper that is customized to your particular field of psychological study or any specific theory related to behaviorism.

Behavioral theory contends that psychology should study those behaviors of people and animals that can be observed. These behaviors can be described by the scientific method without recourse to a person’s internal psyche.

Behavioral Theory

The Father of Behavioral Theory

The father of behavioral theory was Russian scientist, Ivan Pavlov, famous for his experiments with dogs. It was Pavlov who first developed classical conditioning. Watson developed the methodological behavioral theory, which attempted to be wholly objective and held that thought is just covert speech. B.F. Skinner’s behavioral theory, in contrast, is frequently referred to as radical behaviorism. Unlike Watson, Skinner believed that a person’s states of mind could be treated with therapy.

Behavioral theory has been largely applied in the American educational system. It applies in the following ways:

  1. Begins by breaking down the skills and information into smaller units
  2. Reinforces student work on a regular basis through feedback
  3. A direct, teacher-centered focus

When applied to education, behavioral theory seeks to change an external behavior through a repetition of desired actions, rewarding good behavior and discouraging bad habits. It was Skinner’s work of operant conditioning that put forward the notion of immediate reinforcement to strengthen desired behaviors.

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