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Behavioral Management Theory

Organizations are, above all else, collections of human beings. Organizations therefore have the need, at times, to motivate and provide job satisfaction for employees. Behavioral management theory was developed in order to meet this need. Behavioral Management TheoryOriginally, classical management focused on efficiency, production and output above all else in an organization. Theorists such as Frederick Taylor or Max Weber defined classical leadership in business.

Rather than relying on classical leadership theory, behavioral management theory focuses on providing positive working conditions. At the heart of behavioral management theory is the idea that managers will be more effective and understand their employees better is they treat them as important assets necessary to achieving the organization’s goals. Employee satisfaction and positive working conditions are now accepted as ways to increase productivity.

There are several different behavioral approaches to business management that may prove effective. Task-oriented behavior focuses on the planning, coordination and assigning of tasks to employees, with production being the manager’s main concern. The employee-oriented approach makes the interpersonal relationships of workers the primary concern. These managers work hard to create a positive environment over the strict needs of production.

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