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A Beautiful Mind Characters

How do you start a A Beautiful Mind Characters research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

In the movie version of the John Nash biography A Beautiful Mind, characters include:

  • Nash himself
  • Nash's wife Alicia Nash
  • Martin Hansen
  • Charles Herman
  • William Parcher

A Beautiful Mind CharactersMost of the film focuses on Nash himself, beginning with his arrival at Princeton for graduate study. He is much younger than the other students and is already being considered as a very promising prospect. Along with another new arrival, Martin Hansen, Nash receives the Carnegie Scholarship in mathematics. Hansen and Nash strike up a friendly intellectual rivalry. Nash argues for a cooperative approach to mathematics, while Hansen advocates an individualist perspective. In later years as Nash succumbs to schizophrenia, Hansen's career ascends and he becomes head of the mathematics department at Princeton.

John Nash

A bit later in his career as the first signs of his schizophrenia are emerging, John Nash meets a student named Alicia. She asks him to dinner, and before long they are married. As his condition worsens, Alicia Nash rejects the advice of doctors and stays to take care of him as best she can. Charles Herman and William Parcher are interesting characters in that they are revealed to be schizophrenic delusions. Herman appears as Nash's roommate at Princeton, always responding with cheerful support and enthusiasm until Nash eventually discovers that he never had a roommate at Princeton at all. Parcher appears as a government agent involving Nash in a dangerous spy game that at one point leads to a car chase and shoot out. Nash later discovers that Parcher too is not real, along with a few other minor A Beautiful Mind characters.

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