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Research Papers on The Bear by Anton Chekov

World Literature research paper on The Bear by Anton Chekov discuss the outstanding job Chekov does in drawing out the characters of the play. Paper Masters provides custom research paper on The Bear in order to help you understand the complexity and origins of the play.

The Bear is a comedic one-act play written by Russian dramatist Anton Chekov. Written in 1888, the play has only three characters:

  • Elena Ivanova Popova, a widow;
  • Grigor Sanovtch Smirnov;
  • Luka, Popova’s footman.

The entire play takes place in Popova’s drawing room. The comedy comes from the complete lack of self-awareness in the characters. They were examples of alazons, characters that become ludicrous by attempting to be more than they are.

The Bear Anton Chekov

The Bear Theme

The story takes place on the seventh-month anniversary of Popova’s husband’s death. She has since locked herself inside in mourning. As the play opens, Luka is begging her to stop and leave the estate. In the middle of this, Smirnov arrives, wishing to see Elena. Smirnov tells her that her dead husband owed him 1200 rubles, and he will not leave, as he needs the money to pay his mortgage. Elena says that her steward is due to arrive the next day, and Smirnov declares he will not leave until then.

Elena and Smirnov begin to argue, which turns into a debate about true love, the theme. Smirnov says that women are incapable of loving, but Elena declares that she loved her husband, even though he cheated on her. The debate then deteriorates into a shouting match regarding the debt. Elena calls then Smirnov a bear. Smirnov challenges her to a duel, which she accepts. When Elena goes to get pistols, Smirnov realizes that he is in love with her.

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