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Battle of Trenton

The Battle of Trenton was a brilliant surprise attack by the Continental Army, led by George Washington, which resulted in a stunning and psychologically boosting American victory. Washington’s famous Crossing of the Delaware preceded the attack. Paper Masters can compose a custom written research paper on Battle of Trenton that follows your guidelines.

After loosing New York, the Washington’s men retreated through New Jersey and into Pennsylvania. Defeated and depressed, significant numbers of Washington’s men had deserted. Washington knew that there were three regiments of Hessians (German mercenaries) in nearby Trenton, New Jersey, and he planned a three-prong attack. The Hessians had gone into winter quarters, and Washington planned his attack for the fay after Christmas. Battle of Trenton


Battle of Trenton and the Delaware River

The actual crossing of the Delaware River in the middle of the night was a logistical feat of brilliance that went off quite well, considering that bad weather delayed the army by four hours.

The Americans attacked around eight in the morning, taking the Hessians by surprise. American forces suffered only two casualties and five injuries, while the Hessians lost 22 men, with 83 injured and 896 captured. While there is no truth to the legend that the Hessians were drunk from Christmas revelry, the battle gave renewed confidence to the cause of the American Revolution.

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