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Battle of Guadalcanal Research Paper

When writing a research paper on the Battle of Guadalcanal, there are many facts about this key battle of WWII that you will want to be sure to include. Paper Masters can make sure you outline the battle properly by providing a custom research paper on this military campaign.

The Battle of Guadalcanal is one of the most important military campaigns of World War II in the Pacific theater. Fought between 7 August 1942 and 9 February 1943, Guadalcanal marked the first major offensive by the United States against Japan.

Operation Watchtower, as it was known by the US military, opened with amphibious landings by US Marines on several Solomon Islands, including Guadalcanal. The objective was to use the islands as bases from which to neutralize Japanese advances in the Pacific. One of the first major objectives achieved by Allied forces was capturing Henderson Field.


Battle of Guadalcanal and Henderson Field

Between August and November 1942, the Japanese made numerous attempts to retake Henderson Field, resulting in three major land battles and seven significant naval battles, all of which culminated in the naval battle of Guadalcanal in November. Battle of GuadalcanalThis was a major defeat of the Japanese navy and led to their evacuation of the islands by February 1943.

Facts about the Battle of Guadalcanal to include in a research paper:

  • The Battle of Guadalcanal was one of the longest campaigns of the Pacific War.
  • The US Navy suffered significant losses
  • American valor spurred the US military-industrial might to send both men and material to the area in order to secure victory.
  • Japanese losses, including some 25,000 soldiers, led to its inability to continue putting resources into its Pacific empire.

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