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Research Papers on the Battle of the Bulge in WWII

How do you start a Battle of the Bulge WWII research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

For many historians, the Battle of the Bulge symbolizes the end of the Nazi power on the Western front. Fought in the winter of 1944-1945, many believe this was Germany’s last attempt to make an offensive maneuver against the Allied powers. Stretched too thin on the Eastern and Western fronts, however, such a maneuver was destined to failure from the start. Battle of the Bulge WWII

Hitler believed that a strong attack on the Western front would break up the alliance of Britain, France, and the United States; Hitler's ideology was based on the following notions:

  • Hitler felt the three nations were not dedicated to one another and would simply give up the conflict if they suffered significant enough casualties.
  • Hitler focused his efforts on the American forces, called the Ardennes Offensive, but the battle is better known for creating a “bulge” in the Allied forces.

Initially, the offensive was successful. English-speaking German military had gone behind the Allied armies and caused chaos; they spread misinformation, changed road signs, and cut telephone lines. Additionally, the Allies were surprised by the attack as a whole, giving Hitler the early advantage.

However, this success was very short lived. After only two days of an advantage, German supplies were too thin to continue in such a manner. Their aggressive plan of a massive assault caved under its own weight, and the Allies were able to utilize their superior air power to launch a counter-attack. Previous Allied attacks on German fuel sources had rendered them unable to supply their armies with the lifeblood of such an attack. Historians have now come to the conclusion that this was Hitler’s last-ditch effort, and that if he had taken the time to consider his supplies and their tenuous nature, he would have realized that a victory at the Battle of the Bulge would have been utterly impossible.

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