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Research Papers Using Basic Christianity by John R.W. Stott

Paper Masters can produce custom written research papers using John R. W. Stott's book Basic Christianity. Our research papers can use this book or we can write research on any aspect of Christianity you need.

In the book “Basic Christianity” written by John R. W. Stott, the author contemplates a complacent view that the world has taken on the subject of Christianity.  With his book, Stott attempts to explain the following:

  • The basics of Christianity by beginning at the beginning with seeking God through His Son, Jesus Christ 
  • Study of the fundamental principles of the root of Christianity
  • The need for commitment to seek God just as He is seeking man
Basic Christianity

Basic Christianity

The author meets his objective of examining the world’s view of Christianity and providing a thorough study on Christianity’s basic fundamentals by taking the reader through a four part approach on seeking a fulfilling in depth reflection on the Christian faith.  Beginning with a complete illustration of Christ the Person to his death and resurrection and finishing with man’s replication to becoming a Christian, Stott reveals that only through Jesus can we embark on our journey to seek God. 

The book can be considered a written study for people of Christian faith and to those who embrace another religion.  In his preface, Stott addresses both of these groups in that any reading on the life of Christ evokes a sense of fascination and intrigue, thus the importance of writing his book to explain the basics of Christianity which starts with the evidence that Jesus was indeed both human and spiritual.

Stott's Basic Christianity

The strength of Stott’s book is his ability to reasonably and logically explain the elements of Christianity beginning with the assertions made by and about Christ, the nature and consequences of sin, and the choice that man must make.  Stott speaks with authority and a strong assertiveness that leaves the reader little doubt that what he proclaims is accurate.  Backed by Scripture, Stott gives his claims that much more efficacy that there is no denying that Christ is the basis of a Christian life. 

If there is any weakness to his book, it would have to be in the impersonal quality with which Stott proceeds with his research.  Although it is classified as a study, there tends to be a sterileness about the book that keeps the reader from warming up to Stott’s approach.

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