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Roland Barthes

Paper Masters writes custom research papers on Roland Barthes' essays, such as "The Grain of the Voice". Like Derrida and Foucault, Barthes dedicates his essay to exploring the philosophical shifts that have brought about new critical practices in reading and interpreting literature. Roland BarthesJust as Foucault attacked one of the primary assumptions about the production of meaning, Barthes reveals the problems that underlie our approach to novels, poems, and other types of literature. Barthes describes the difference between the commonly-held view of literature, which sees each piece as a "work", and the poststructuralist view, which views these individual units as "texts". One of the most key differences between these two views is that a "work"? implies all kinds of beliefs about the primacy of the author, while the view as literature as "texts" sees the writer as simply one more producer of interpretations, partnering with readers in the creation of meaning.

Although there are valid points in Barthes' essay, you may not be ready to concede the power of authorship altogether. Many believe that although social influences definitely help to shape the literary text, the author is should still be viewed as the primary creator of literary meaning, who engages in a creative act distinct from that of the reader.

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