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Research Papers on Barriers to Effective Communication

Business and MBA research papers discuss a wide variety of topics that are covered in course material designed to inform the student on business practices that make the workplace better. Research papers on barriers to effective communication cover topics that make managers, workers and the workplace more productive with better and more effect communication.

There are many barriers to effective communication. Each form of communication, written, oral, or electronic, has its own benefits and drawbacks, and at times the message is not received by the recipient in the way the communicator intended. Barriers to communication can occur at any stage of the communication process, distorting the message. Skills such as active listening and reflection may help, but these skills must be employed by the recipient. The communicator is ultimately responsible for lowering the possibility of a distorted message.

Barriers to Effective CommunicationBarriers to effective communication can be classified into six main categories.

  1. Language barriers can exist, not only among individuals who do not speak the same language, but even between two or more people with the same native tongue. Terminology, including the use of jargon, may impede communication.
  2. Psychological barriers can influence how a message is sent or received. A person who is angry, or under a significant amount of stress may cause misinterpretation.
  3. The physical barrier of geographic distance can distort meaning. Generally, communication is more effective over short distances. However, modern technology is helpful in reducing such barriers.
  4. Physiological barriers such as an individual with hearing loss, for example, may not be able to hear a verbal communication effectively.
  5. Attitudinal barriers, such as a resistance to change, may prevent communication.
  6. Systematic barriers within an organization, such as inefficient communication channels, can be a major barrier to effective communication.

Communication at its simplest consists of a person sending a message in a particular medium that is acknowledged by a receiver who, in return, provides feedback to the sender. The entire procedure can be influenced by the atmosphere the participants have established.  In order to carry out productive communication with a positive outcome, particularly in the business world, we need to develop a more complete description of communication.

Before a sender delivers his message, he should already have gone through a process of preparation.  During this time he would have thought about what he was going to say, established a connection with the receiver, and proven his professionalism. Another sign of a good communicator is one who asks questions and listens before he speaks. These steps help to ensure that the receiver is open to ideas.  When a good communicator finally presents his information, he does it in a way that is nonjudgmental and focuses on the constructive.

After the presentation of information, i.e. after the message is sent, there is a period of discussion between the two parties. More questions are asked.  Points are clarified.  Objections and concerns are raised.  The message is received.  After this there might be an agreement or decision made, the two may decide to take some action or wait to follow up at a later date.

This process of communication is a circular one. Once you prep yourself and enter into it, the process can continue indefinitely.  As long as the climate of the communication remains constructive.  It is very important in a business setting to retain positive working, and thus communicating, relationships with co-workers and clients alike.

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