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Research Papers on Barack Obama

Barack Obama research papers present a biography of the presidential candidate. Sorting out the issues of a political candidate can be complex due to the vast amount of information from media and the candidates themselves. A good Barack Obama research paper will begin with a brief biography and then an overview of his personal achievements. Other topics Paper Masters suggests are:

  • Obama is an accomplished businessman and certainly the research paper will also review his business achievements.
  • In these times of political unrest, the research paper must certainly have a main focus on whether or not Obama is a good president.
  • You may also want to compare and contrast Barack Obama with his former Republican opponent, John McCain. Barack Obama research papers have been written by political science experts. We can produce a custom written project following your guidelines.
Barack Obama

Obama Rhetorical Strategy

In a Barack Obama research paper, Obama's rhetorical strategy may be examined. One of Obama’s most frequently discussed rhetorical strategies is his extreme empathy. However, some analysts have suggested that his empathic tendencies may actually be more of a weakness than a strength in the context of the overall effectiveness of his rhetoric. His childhood invested him with the ability to identify with suffering in others, and although this skill can be useful, critics suggest that it often weighs Obama down and prevents him from being able to address problems at the abstract level.  Also, Obama's shows of emotion and empathy tend to be viewed with more cynicism than admiration.

Obama and Culture

Another factor that has contributed to Obama’s rhetorical approach is the cultural traditions of rhetoric and speech of the American South, which includes influences as broad as Southern Baptist pastoral rhetoric and the orations of African American political and religious leaders during the civil rights movement. The Southern tradition of inspirational speech making is clearly reflected in Obama’s attempts to temper his policy-laden speeches with spiritual themes.  

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