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Research Papers on Avoidance Learning

Avoidance learning is a type of operant conditioning where a person learns a behavior in order to avoid an unpleasant or stressful situation. Research papers on avoidance learning discuss the fact that the learned behavior removes the individual from the unwanted situation. What puzzles many scientists this that the reinforcement is the absence of punishment. Let us write your research paper on avoidance learning so that you understand the complex interaction of this two-stage process. Avoidance learning research papers have been written by psychology experts. We can produce a custom written project following your guidelines.

The Two Stages of Avoidance Learning

Avoidance LearningIn order to explain avoidance learning, psychologists maintain that avoidance learning is a two-stage process.

  1. In the first stage, the individual experiences classical conditioning, where a stimulus is paired with a punishment. The individual then develops a fear response in association with the stimulus.
  2. During the second stage, the individual undergoes operant conditioning, and realizes that a behavior, or action, in response to the stimulus eliminates the stressful outcome.

History of Avoidance Learning Research

Hobart Mowrer (1907-1982) first developed the two-factor theory that forms the basis of avoidance learning. Mowrer suggested that fear is an acquired drive in animal and human behavior and that reductions in fear are reinforcing of behavior. A person’s avoidance response is reinforced by the termination of the conditioned stimulus.

There are two types of avoidance learning, active and passive. Under the active form, behavior is learned when an action occurs. For example, you learn that hot sand will burn bare feet. Under the passive form, the same behavior is produced without the action, either through prior experience or advice.

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