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Aviation Industry and Marketing

For a research paper on the aviation industry that looks at marketing, Paper Masters has writers that will custom write your project. Marketing and aviation have changed drastically over the past several years. Our writers can trace the history of aviation marketing and speculate on future trends.

The following are excellent topics to focus on for research regarding the aviation industry:

  1. The History of Aviation
  2. Aerospace management
  3. Airport industry practice to the field of marketing.

The Aviation Industry and Marketing Research Paper may focus on:Aviation Industry and Marketing

  1. A specific aviation company
  2. An aviation industry trade group
  3. Consumer segment in the aviation
  4. Aerospace technology and marketing
  5. Airport industry that is covered by the four P’s of the marketing mix.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  1. Service offered by airlines and airports to target customers
  2. Various sales promotion techniques used by firms or organizations in the aviation, aerospace and airport industries
  3. The tactics utilized by a particular organization as the firm markets its products and services to customers or a selected target segment
  4. Other marketing related programs and activities undertaken in the different aviation and aerospace segments.

Sources to use when writing about the Aviation Industry:

  1. Students should consult as least six sources, preferably a mix of both company and external sources and cite these sources in your paper.
  2. Do NOT use the firm web site as the only source of information.
  3. As least half of the sources used should be from other than the firm’s web site.
  4. Relevant information may be found through library holdings, reference CD-ROMS, a variety of Internet sources, or personal interviews. When pursuing web pages for information, remember that many of these pages are produced by commercial firms as a form of promotion and publicity.
  5. NOTE: At least half of the references used must be published in 2010 or later.

Overview of Aviation Regulations:

Regulations in the aviation industry regarding pilot duty periods as well as the practices of carriers do not reflect the empirical evidence developed of the nature of fatigue and the point at which fatigue impairs performance, and should be altered to allow a greater degree of self-management of fatigue by pilots. The regulatory approach to pilot fatigue has been to allocate a set amount of time in a twenty-four hour period for pilots to work and rest. This approach, however, has not addressed factors such as the differences in fatigue tolerance between individual pilots and the quality of rest during the allotted off-duty periods. There is also some degree of conflict between pilots, airlines and the FAA regarding the appropriate amount of time that pilots can be on duty, and whether non-flight time due to weather delays or aircraft maintenance are equivalent to flight time. In practice, pilots must depend on self-management in order to reduce the safety risks of fatigue, but are constrained by the assumptions on which regulations are based.

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