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Research Papers on Authoritarian Governments

Research papers on authoritarian governments examine the politics of nation states that rely on blind obedience. Our writers can custom write you a research paper on any authoritarian government you need over viewed or we can provide in-depth research on the concept of authoritarian governments. You choose your international politics topic and we write it.

Authoritarian governments are characterized by blind obedience on the part of the population, which forced upon them from above. Unlike totalitarian states, where enthusiasm for the regime is expected and demanded, authoritarian regimes rely on the following:

  • passive acceptance
  • Frequently defined by the control of several large institutions
  • Unlike totalitarian states, under authoritarian governments many social and economic institutions exists outside of direct government control.

Authoritarian Governments Subtypes

Political scientists have divided authoritarian governments into several subtypes. Authoritarian GovernmentsThe most common are traditional authoritarian regimes and bureaucratic-military authoritarian regimes. Traditional regimes are generally ruled by a single individual that maintains power through combinations of repression, patron-client systems, and a governmental apparatus bound to the leader through personal loyalty. Bureaucratic-military regimes have a coalition of technocrats and military officers directing affairs.

Other types of authoritarian governments include corporatist authoritarian regimes, which rely on corporate institutions to control society, racial and ethnic democracies that only grant rights to certain groups based on ethnicity (such as South Africa under apartheid), and post-totalitarian authoritarian governments, such as the Eastern bloc in the 1980s, where totalitarian institutions remain, but ideology has been replaced by routinization.

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