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Assistive Technology

All of the following questions are hypothetical and are excellent jumping off points to write an assistive technology research paper.

1. Johnny is an eleven year old fifth grade student with cerebral palsy. Assistive TechnologyHe is a quadriplegic child confined to a wheelchair with minimal control or use of his limbs. Johnny is enrolled in a special day, special education classroom with some mainstream/inclusion activities. Adults describe johnny as, bright, likeable, and socially engaging. Johnny has poor verbal skills and is not easily understood by others beyond his immediate family. During his last Individualized Educational Plan(IEP) meeting the parents requested some sort of assistive technology be provided. Describe a COMPLETE and DETAILED process and explanation/justification of what devices and services assistive technology may be appropriate for Johnny.

Assistive Technology and the Disability Act

3. Describe what is commonly believed to be a most fundamental principle for effective use of assistive technology. Why is this so? (mention Cause and Effect)

4. The Individual with Disabilities act (IDEA) states that assistive technology must be considered for students. What must be considered and to what degree?

5. There are several ways to include assistive technology into an IEP. Identify and describe the ways they can be done to make to make assistive technology part of a child's IEP.

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