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Research Papers on Asian American Literature

In the 1970s, a new genre of literature emerged, one that gave a voice to an often overlooked element of American society: Asian Americans. A custom research paper on any single work of Asian American Literature can be written or have a report done on an aspect of the cultural phenomena of Asian Americans.Asian American Literature

There is no singular reason why this element of American literature was overlooked for so many generations; most people point to racism against individuals of Asian descent, either for their willingness to work for lower wages than white Americans or for their similar identity to individuals deemed enemy combatants during World War II, as the primary reason for the omission of the Asian American literary tradition as part of the canon of American literature.

As with the writings of other minority groups, Asian American literature focuses on issues of race, finding one’s identity, and culture. Delving deeper into these issues, Asian American literature also focuses on how culture intertwines with gender expectations and striking a balance between traditional cultural elements and assimilation into the greater American culture.

  • Geographically, a great deal of Asian American writing takes place on the western coast of the United States, as this is where the largest immigrant populations settled.
  • In a historical context, Asian American literature can reflect upon such controversial issues as the legacy of Japanese internment during World War II or cultural stereotypes that pervade American society and culture.
  • Socially, Asian American youth often struggle with assimilation and adhering to cultural traditions that family members encourage.

Through their literature, Asian American authors often hope to shed light on the reality of the Asian American experience, including the subtle discrimination or stereotypes that take exist and the unique challenges facing this demographic.

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