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Research Paper on Kenneth Branagh's As You Like It

A common assignment on As You Like It is as follows:

Research on Kenneth Branagh 2006 adaptation of As You Like It has been receiving negative reviews; perhaps you feel that the critics have overlooked the film’s redeeming qualities. Below are some hints to writing a research paper on Branagh's adaptation of As You Like It.

As You Like It Research Paper investigation of Kenneth Branagh's film will address the following:

  • Research Paper will demonstrate your ability not only to analyze Shakespeare, but also to view performances of Shakespeare with a critical eye, and you will argue with and against the existing criticism of the recent film adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays.
  • You will want to cite at least two reviews of the film adaptation you are focusing on.
  • Cite all works, and include a bibliography.


Essay content requirements for As You Like It

As You Like ItWhile you do need to summarize the arguments of the reviews of your choice, avoid the so-called list summary: “she says this, and then this, and then this.” Focus on one claim from each review that you either want to dispute (if you disagree with the author) or that you want to extend (if you agree with the author), and always back your own argument with textual evidence (from the play and its film adaptation).

Make sure that the bulk of your essay closely analyzes at least two specific scenes from the play(s) and at least two specific scenes from the movie(s) you choose. In your introduction, go straight to your main point; while you will have to summarize the parts of the play you are focusing on, don’t attempt to summarize the entire play.

Do use direct quotations, but not to excess (up to 25 % of the entire essay). Accompany each quote from the text by your own commentary and interpretation.

In your conclusion, do not simply restate what you’ve already said in the introduction. Rather, address the significance of the play and its film adaptation, in the light of your analysis and argument, and what it provides for the twenty-first century audience.

Organization and other technical issues for an As You Like It Research Paper:

  1. You may use first person, but avoid phrases like: “I think/believe.”
  2. Plagiarism, intentional or unintentional, will result in you failing this assignment and, in really bad cases, even the entire course. Therefore, take extra care to cite properly.
  3. Remember that, generally, one paragraph elaborates only one point. In order to make your essay flow smoothly, make sure to pay close attention to opening and closing sentences of your paragraphs. Within the paragraphs, one sentence must also logically lead to the next.
  4. At the end, proofread carefully. Syntax errors, misspellings, misuse of punctuation, etc. will likely result in a grade as much as two letters lower than what you’d earn if grammar and spelling were correct. Bad grammar interferes with clarity and overall persuasiveness of a text.
  5. Feel free to experiment with personal style. Use humor, or be somber. Use big words (make sure to use them correctly), or simple, plain language. Use figures of speech, or only literal language.

Required format for As You Like It

  • No Footnotes (Endnotes are Acceptable)
  • Please include a bibliography
  • Questions: Please cite at least two reviews of the film adaptation you are focusing on.
  • Please Cite all works, and include a bibliography.

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