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Aerosmith I Dont Want To Miss A Thing

Aerosmith I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

This is a topic suggestion onAerosmith I Don't Want to Miss a Thing from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be.

In 1998, the band Aerosmith landed their first number one hit after nearly thirty years in the recording industry. As part of the movie sound track to the box office smash "Armageddon," Aerosmith recorded the single "I Don't Want to Miss A Thing." The song was a chart-topper, and landed Aerosmith the first number one hit of their recording careers.

The Unique Elements of this Song for Aerosmith

  • First #1 Hit for Aerosmith
  • Found on the Sound track Armageddon
  • Sung by Lead Singer Steven Tyler
  • Done in Ballad Style

The song is a tender ballad, and is a stark change from the typical screeching guitars, screaming and other characteristics that make Aerosmith's music so easy to identify. Make no mistake, this song has Aerosmith written all over it, but the song has drama, a story line, and it is not just a screaming tirades by Steven Tyler, Aerosmith's lead singer.


Instead, the song begins with piano and guitars, softly painting the picture of love, affection and the tender words that are to follow. The song obviously has a climax, toward the end, and it is at that point that Tyler's screeching is appropriate-in fact, in this particular song, his screaming seems more like the gut-wrenching acknowledgement that he dreads spending any time at all away from the one he loves.

The Words to I Don't Want to Miss a Thing

The words to this song are easy to understand, again a different path for Aerosmith, whose songs normally require lyric sheets in the cd jacket to decipher. This song is refreshingly clear and easy to understand. In many ways, this ease in understanding reflects the song's meaning. By the repeated phrase "I don't want to miss a thing," Tyler and the band make it clear that singing clearly allows their audience to not "miss a thing," either. The song's meaning is enhanced by this ease. It is easy to sing along to, and is a far cry from much of Aerosmith's early work. I believe it is for this reason-the clarity and the song's popularity, that it finally became the band's first number one hit.

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Aerosmith I Dont Want To Miss A Thing Research Papers

Aerosmith I Don't Want to Miss a Thing research paper examines a song by Aerosmith that was put in the soundtrack of the box office smash Armageddon.

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