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Spiderman Two

Spider-Man Two

Spider-Man Two research paper due and don't know how to start it? How about like this?

Looking across the broad scope of summer blockbusters that are poised to reap millions of dollars in profits, it is clear that "Spider-Man 2" is at the top of the list. Although this movie is a sequel, which often indicates that it will not be as powerful or as well developed as its predecessor, after viewing the film it becomes quite obvious that the plot and script are much more engaging, making the film even more entertaining than the original. Examining the central elements of the film that make it so successful, it becomes clear that the conflicts central to the plot and the development of the characters are essential to the progress of the story and the engagement of the audience overall.

At its core, "Spider-Man 2" contains two essential struggles with which every audience member can identify.

  1. The first is the outward struggle between good versus evil. Spider-Man is actively engaged with the evil Dr. Octopus and his attempts to build a renewable energy source. Through a disastrous mishap at Os Corp. brilliant scientist Otto Octavius is transformed into a super villain. Spider-Man must defeat Octavius and save the city before the villain's plans become a reality.
  2. The second struggle that is central to the development of the story is the internal struggle that Peter Parker faces with accepting the role of Spider-Man. Although Parker recognizes the importance of Spider-Man's actions, he is haunted by the possibility of having a normal life, without the obligations of being a superhero.

Looking more closely at the first struggle-the one between good and evil-it is clear that this struggle is the central theme that drives most action hero movies. "Lord of the Rings," Star Wars," and "Harry Potter" are just a few examples of how the struggle between good and evil drive the plot of the movie. In these cases, the central focus of the movie is ensuing that the status quo is balance because good ultimately triumphs over evil. Although a considerable amount of turmoil is created when the hero, Spider-Man, looses a battle or is unable to stop the villain from kidnapping his girlfriend, in the end, good triumphs over evil, Dr. Octopus is destroyed and the city is saved from the evil invention that could have killed millions of innocent victims.

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Spiderman Two Research Papers

Spider-Man Two Research Papers delve into a movie that contains two main struggles good versus evil and the internal struggle that Peter Parker faces.

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