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Primal Fear

Primal Fear

Primal Fear research paper due and don't know how to start it? How about like this?

This is the intriguing story of a young man, Aaron, who is accused of murder. At first, the viewer may believe that the focus of the plot is on Marty the lawyer who muses "Why gamble with money when you can gamble with people's lives." But slowly, it evolves into the interactions between Marty and Aaron who is being defended by Marty.

  • The movie, Primal Fear, was written by Steven Shagan and Ann Biderman.
  • The original novel, Primal Fear, was written by William Diehl.

Both Marty and Aaron's characters evolve during the course of the film.Marty becomes a lawyer who cares about justice and defending his client to the utmost of his ability.Aaron, on the other hand, is a mystery that is unraveling.He runs like a frightened rabbit until he is caught in his bloodstained clothing.A priest is found who has been literally slaughtered. Aaron is a alter boy for the priest, who stutters and appears too timid to commit any kind of violent crime. He also complains of memory loss.

From the beginning, the viewer is waiting for the clues that will uncover the true killer, because it cannot be meek mild Aaron. It is not until Dr. Arrington, the psychologist, begins to interview Aaron does "the plot thicken." During her interview, Roy appears.Roy is Aaron's other identity.He is tough and cynical.Dr. Arrington eventually concludes that Aaron has multiple personality or dissociative disorder.

As more of this story unfolds, it appears that this is an accurate diagnosis. Many individuals with multiple personality disorder generally have personalities that are very different or diverse from one another.These other personalities or identities usually refer to themselves as unique beings with different names.Additionally, many individuals who are diagnosed with this mental disorder have histories of severe physical abuse or sexual abuse.When the movie reveals that the priest had been sexually abusing Aaron (and Roy), there is almost an "ah-ha" feeling.The abuse was complete with videotapes of the sexual interactions.

Dr. Arrington even becomes sympathetic toward Aaron.She states:

"Do you know what I would do if someone did that to me?I would kill him, I wouldn't hesitate. I would stab him 78 times.I would chop off his fingers, slash his throat open, carve numbers in his chest, gouge out his eyes, I swear to God! But that's me."

The extent of Aaron's illness becomes apparent during the trial.Roy comes forward more than once.He attacks the prosecutor at one point, seemingly because he cannot bear to hear the details of his abuse and disorder, nor can he bear to hear that Aaron is made to be a "tough guy."

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Primal Fear Research Papers look at a movie about a young man who viciously murdered a priest.

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