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Marilyn Monroes Death

Marilyn Manroe's Death

The paper's Marilyn Monroe's Death focuses only on Marilyn Monroe's Death Research Paper

  1. It examines the day she died.
  2. It discusses Monroe's cause of death, according to records
  3. explains the main theories behind her death, since researchers and experts feel it was not suicide alone that was the cause of death in her case.

Some examples of possible theories involve:

  1. The Mob
  2. President John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy
  3. Monroe's housekeeper
  4. Her psychiatrist Dr. Greenson, etc.
  5. All angles of Monroe's death must be discussed fully.

Additionally, the paper must be written in the MLA (Modern Language Association) format. Therefore, the paper must cite every source it uses. Sources only with a known author (with the author's first and last name provided) can only be used. Only books are permitted.

Sources Not Allowed:

  1. No encyclopedias can be used.
  2. No web sites or web pages are allowed.

Also, all sources must be properly cited within the paper itself, as well as on the Works Cited page. Again, MLA format must be used at all times. Any information obtained from any of the sources, regardless of whether or not it is quoted material, must have the author's last name and page numbers from the particular book it came from, provided within in the written paper itself and also on the Work Cited Page.

In-text citations within the paper itself must include the author's last name and the page numbers that the information was obtained from, for that particular book. The final page of the paper must be the Works Cited (bibliography) page, titled "Works Cited" only at the top of the very last page of the paper. All books used to cite information in the paper must include (on the Works Cited page) the following: the author's first and last name, the title of the book, the publisher's name, the city and state of the publisher, the year the book was published, and the page numbers in which the information was taken from. This information must be typed according to the MLA style Works Cited page.

The paper Marilyn Monroe's Death Research Paper must have a total of 8 different sources. All the information from the paper can NOT come from only one source alone.

The paper must be a total of 9 pages composed of 8 complete written pages long, and the ninth page must be the Works Cited page.

The paper should use a combination of:

  1. Paraphrases
  3. Summaries

Within the Marilyn Monroe's Death Research Paper paper from the combination of the 8 different sources that are used for citing the information obtained in the paper. The paper should only have 7 quotes and no more than that. The rest of the information used from the sources must be either summarized or paraphrased information. Also, quotes that are longer than 3 lines are NOT to be used in the paper. Also, all quotes that are used must mention who actually said them in the sentence that includes the quote in the written paper itself.

Additionally, the paper should have 5 paragraphs MINIMUM (it may go over 5, and that is acceptable). Each paragraph should have a MINIMUM of 8 complete sentences (it may go over 8, and that is fine). Also, the first paragraph must be the introduction to the paper, and the last sentence of the first paragraph must be the thesis statement (incorporating the paper's Marilyn Monroe's Death of the theories of Marilyn Monroe's death into that statement), and the very last paragraph must be the conclusion. Transitional phrases and words must be used when beginning a new paragraph, except with the introduction paragraph.

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Marilyn Monroes Death Research Papers

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