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Hollywood “book Musicals


Does this Hollywood "Book" Musicals assignment look familiar? Many professorʼs assign topics just likethis and our writers custom write each one.

Choose a movie from the list provided below.

  1. An American in Paris
  2. Brigadoon
  3. Camelot
  4. Carousel
  5. Damn Yankees
  6. GiGi
  7. Hello Dolly
  8. Oliver
  9. South Pacific
  10. West Side Story

Objective analyzing of one particular musical film as an example of its genre. Watch one of the films on the instructor's list of classic Hollywood "Book" Musicals Research Paper

Hollywood "Book" Musicals Research Paper would like to show how the film conforms to the traditional genre model. (Be sure to mention any significant ways in which the film diverges from that model.)

  1. Who are the key artists, and what are they known for apart from this film?
  2. Is the film based on a pre-existing story or pre-existing music?
  3. Make a list of the songs by title. For each song, identify:
    (1-6 more of an outline style)
    a. Who sings it
    b. What kind of song it is
    c. What happens dramatically during the song
    d. Whether it includes dance, and if so what kind
    e. What if any spectacle is involved in the staging of the song
    f. What if any special staging devices are employed
  4. Does the film include a dream sequence, or any other sequence in which we seem temporarily to leave the world of the story?
  5. Explain how the opening number prepares us for what is to follow, and how the musical finale figures into the ending of the film.
  6. What are the various stories that the Book and songs tell? Is there a major plot focused on the public, social context in which all the characters participate? What are the private, personal plots of concern to individual characters? (Note: The instructor is familiar with these films, so unless you're making a specific point there's no need to provide a lot of detail about plot. Please don't recapitulate the film scene by scene!)
  7. What does this film do, as a film, that couldn't be done on stage?

What is happening in a number in Hollywood "Book" Musicals Research Paper
In an integrated musical, most of the numbers move the story forward in some way. Many numbers express some kind of desire.

The performer or performers may be: (use some of these in the Paper)

    • Celebrating something
    • Possibly the joy of song and dance?
    • Performing a physical action that is important to the setting in which the story takes place.
    • Declaring personal identity or philosophy
    • Speaking as members of the community about how they live, what they believe
    • Thinking things over; by the end of the number, somebody has come to realization, or learned something not previously known
    • Trying to make a decision; by the end of the number, the decision has been made
    • Pitching woo -trying to persuade somebody
    • Wishing -giving is information about the characters and/or the world of the show.
    • Simply performing an enjoyable number with no real significance to the story

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Hollywood “book Musicals Research Papers

Hollywood 'Book' Musicals Research Papers explore an example of an order on a musical film, and how the film conforms to the traditional genre model.

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