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Hitchcock Movies

Hitchcock Movies

How do you start a Hitchcock Movies research paper? Our expert writers suggest you approach any Hitchcock movie you like in the following way:

After viewing a Hitchcock movie of your choice analyze 2 of the following elements listed below (1 through 7). Choose what you're comfortable with and have the best knowledge of. Please refer to the notes provided below. Very Important to use the following terms in the appropriate answers in your research paper on the movies of Alfred Hitchcock.

  1. Protagonist- main character
  2. Antagonist: more than one character
  3. 1st person: I, you, me, us; being directly involved in the action
  4. 3rd person: we, she, they; person outside of the scene
  5. Omniscient: narrator knows what's going on, indicates you know how the story is going to end. See writing notes in attachments
  6. Partial Omniscient: you know what part of the story is going to end. Knows one element of the picture, one character.
  7. Mise -en- scene: the arrangement of visual weighs and movements within a given space. In live theater, space is usually defined by the proscenium arch; in the cinema, it is defined by the frame that encloses the images. Cinematic mise-en-scene encompasses both the staging of the action and the way that it's photographed.

Elements of Hitchcock Movies

When doing a research paper on a Hitchcock movie, you can't examine all of the elements of a film or film theory. Paper Masters suggests you look at the following aspects of film and choose two, focusing on how Hitchcock uses them in the movie you selected.

  1. Plot: a sequence of events, see attached on writing notes pg. 1 Elements of Plot Development, refer to entire pyramid notes on the rising action to climax etc.
  2. Opening Scene: Look at the types of animation (see attached notes). Think of the SETTING, what picture do you have in your mind about what you see. Think of mood, emotion, some character analysis. Location, time period, demographics, music, lighting.
  3. Elements of Symbolism
  4. Theme: The moral of the story, main theme, the message, reading between the lines. Ex. A theme of a Love story, family, friendship, challenge, liberty, etc.
  5. Point of View: Where is the narrator coming from. Is the narrator looking outside of the scene or the narrator involved in the action? Choose whether it's 1st or 3rd person in your answer. Also in your answer, is it omniscient or partial omniscient
  6. Character analysis: look at protagonist or antagonist; stereo types that are brought into the film. See attached on writing notes pg. 6 Ex. If you see a chemist, most people think male gender immediately.

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Hitchcock Movies Research Papers

Hitchcock Movies research papers analyze the plot, the characters, symbolism, theme, and point of view of any Hitchcock movies.

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