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Comparison of Ghettos In A Book and Movie

Comparison of Ghettos in a Book and Movie

A common assignment on Comparison of Ghettos in a Book and Movie is as follows:

This is a comparative paper, either of two different ghettos or of One ghetto in a book and in a movie. I would like the movie/book comparison done, either of the pianist the book and movie or Schindler's List the book and movie. This would be the easiest, and other sources are listed below if need. When comparing the book to the movie please focus on four to five of these topics shown in the movie and book versions.

  1. Ghetto population
  2. Food supply and smuggling
  3. The Judenrat
  4. Work/work environment
  5. Sickness and disease
  6. Family relations
  7. The status/plight of children in the ghetto
  8. Cultural activities
  9. Women and gender roles
  10. Quality of life in the ghetto
  11. Class structure of the ghetto
  12. Resistance in the ghetto
  13. Age and class structure in the ghetto
  14. Were ghettos open or closed?

Comparison of Ghettos

In this paper please compare a book to a movie version of a ghetto, and touch on 4 to 5 of the topics above. So you are comparing these 4 to 5 topics as they are portrayed in the movie and book and how they are different or the same.

This should be a comparative paper. This paper should compare two different ghettos (such as Warsaw and Lodz), or compare different portraits of a single ghetto. For example, you could compare the portrait of the Lodz ghetto in the book you read with the portrait in a film and/or in our textbooks, and/or in a survivor's testimony, and/or in the US Holocaust museum exhibit, etc.

Importance of Citations: you must use citations
Here are some guidelines:
a. all direct quotes from a book must have a page cite.
b. all facts, statistics, dates, and events that are NOT common knowledge should have a source and page citation.(i.e. if your friends don't know it, you need a cite.)

Citation format:

  1. Because you have listed your sources on the top of the page you can cite the LAST NAME of the author and the page in the paper.
  2. However, if you are referring to an article in an edited book, include both the author of the article AND the editors of the book.
  3. You may place this short citation in parentheses ( ) in the text of your paper or at the end of the relevant sentence.

USE OF INTERNET SOURCES - highly restricted

  1. There are very strict restrictions on using materials from the Internet (unless you are using one of these sites:

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This is a topic on
Comparison of Ghettos In A Book and Movie Research Papers

Comparison of Ghettos in a Book and Movie Research Papers look at a sample of an order placed on comparing a book to a movie either choosing The Pianist or Schindler's List.

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