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Writing a Movie or Film Review

When you write a movie or film review, examine a claim based argument, which require professional reviews of the film of your choice.

Does this write a film review assignment look familiar? Many professor’s assign topics just like this and our writers custom write each one.

Standard Technical requirements for writing a film review are as follows:

Your claim should look something like one of these:

Shrek, the first animated film to win the Oscar for best animated feature film, is an excellent film because it has a great cast, stunning animation, and a simple but powerful story.

If you like great acting and hilarious dialogue, you will love Forrest Gump.

Due to its violent nature, foul language, and flat acting, The Matrix will not be enjoyed by any intelligent viewers.

Be sure to include an Introduction which will draw the reader in (and ends with your claim), a bit of background of the film (but not a total summary), your reasons for seeing the film, and a rebuttal explaining why some viewers might disagree with your statement (but be sure to say why they are wrong). End with a short, simple conclusion which sums up your argument and restates your claim.

Note: you may substitute a book, restaurant, TV show, automobile, sports team, etc. for the film. You may also write a comparison/ contrast paper which bases its claim on the shared values of the readers and the writer such as the sample paper #2 you’ll find in Shared Files.

How to Write Review a Movie

Introduction: This paragraph introduces your Pick a Movie. It should begin with a good hook that draws the reader into the paper. An effective example, a shocking bit of statistics, an intriguing quotation: either of these would make a good hook. This paragraph MUST end with a clear enthymeme. (The remainder of these outlines will assume that you’ve written a solid enthymeme with three distinct reasons.) That means your enthymeme will seek to define a controversial term. That means that your enthymeme will seek to evaluate some aspect of your Pick a Movie. Note: the first two papers must not contain a “should” (or the idea of making a change). For the third paper, your enthymeme must include a “should” (or at least the idea of one) that demands that something be done in response to your paper.

All papers will need a second paragraph that establishes the background of your Pick a Movie. Here is where you’ll present the reasons why your argument is necessary and where you’ll discuss legal precedence, current law, current practice, history, etc. For a paper about why we should all drive hybrid automobiles, for instance, you’d need to define your terms here; you’d also need to give a bit of history on the drive-trains in those vehicles. Give this background BEFORE you begin arguing your case so that the reader will have a solid foundation of the Pick a Movie before you demand that she picks a side.

Body Paragraph 1: This paragraph deals with the first reason you express in your enthymeme. It must include not only a clear discussion of that reason but also a good bit of outside source material (quotation or paraphrase) which supports your point about that reason. Every body paragraph should include at least one outside source.

Body Paragraph 2: This paragraph deals with the second reason you express in your enthymeme. It must include not only a clear discussion of that reason but also a good bit of outside source material (quotation or paraphrase) which supports your point about that reason.

Body Paragraph 3: This paragraph deals with the third reason you express in your enthymeme. It must include not only a clear discussion of that reason but also a good bit of outside source material (quotation or paraphrase) which supports your point about that reason.

Research Paper Topic Suggestions on Film

12 Angry Men - 12 Angry Men Research Papers discuss the film that focuses on the primal emotion of anger. You can have a research paper written on the legal aspects, moral delemas or sociological concepts exhibited in the story.

12 Years A Slave - 12 Years a Slave Film research papers overview the adaptation of Solomon Northrup’s slave narrative, recounting his 1841 kidnapping and sale into slavery.

A Beautiful Mind - A Beautiful Mind research papers look at a true story about John Nash, a man who had schizophrenia, and comparing the movie and the disorder.

African American Film - African American Film research papers delve into how African Americans were in involved with film since 1915.

Alvy Singer - Alvy Singer research papers look at a character played by Woody Allen from the film Annie Hall.

Amelie French Film - Amelia French Film research shows you the proper format for writing a research paper on the French film Amelia.

American Beauty - American Beauty Research Papers explore the caustic view of contemporary suburban life.

Annie Hall - Annie Hall Research Papers discuss a film by Woody Allen that won four academy awards, and is said to be one of the most stereotypical Woody Allen film.

Armageddon - Armageddon Research Papers discuss a movie written by Robert Roy Pool about a possible obliteration of the world by a giant meteor.

Asian American Communities In Film - Asian American Communities in Film research papers discuss Asian American Communities in film with a thesis of your choosing.

A Thousand Acres - A Thousand Acres research papers review the film with Jessica Lange and Jason Robards.

Censorship In Movies - Censorship in Movies research papers look at an order placed on writing about movie censorship from the beginning times to right now, and how it conflicts with the first amendment.

Chicago - Chicago Research Papers look at an academy award winning film about two women who get away with murder and the man that helped them.

Chocolat - Chocolat Analysis Research Papers explore a sample of an order placed on the contrast and comparison of Chocolat the movie and the book.

Cinema - The Cinema Research Papers explore the history of motion pictures, and the movie technology developed over the years.

Citizen Kane - Citizen Kane Research Papers explore a film by Orson Welles that shows a dark side to human nature with its main character Charles Foster Kane.

Comparison of Ghettos In A Book and Movie - Comparison of Ghettos in a Book and Movie Research Papers look at a sample of an order placed on comparing a book to a movie either choosing The Pianist or Schindler's List.

Cop Shows and Films - Cop Shows or Film Research Papers may compare and contrast features on cops television shows and cop movies.

Cult Comparison In Film - Cult Comparison in Film research papers discuss the glamorized perspective of American life, including both the good and the bad.

Dead Poets Society - Dead Poets Society research papers discuss the film, starring Robin Williams, about an English teacher at a conservative, aristocratic boarding school who inspires in his students a love of poetry.

Death In The Seventh Seal - Death in The Seventh Seal research papers discuss the Ingmar Bergmar film that explores the Black Plague.

Documentary - Research papers on documentaries discuss the film genre that has the potential to influence the way people perceive the world around them by heightening their focus on a particular condition or event.

Documentary of Roger and Me - Documentary of Roger and Me Research Papers examine an example of an order placed to answer questions in detail on a film documentary.

Don juan demarco - Don Juan DeMarco research papers discuss Francis Ford Coppola's film in which Johnny Depp believes he is Don Juan.

Easy Rider - Easy Rider Research Papers look at a film about three college guys that ponder questions about life in the 1960's.

Federico Fellini - Federico Fellini Research Papers discuss Fellini, who was famous for his film career, his films went beyond narrative entertainment, it gave people a new meaning and identity in his films.

Film Analysis - A film analysis is a research paper that discusses the process that is used to evaluate the quality of a film. Your analysis may include a combination of many elements of film such as Mise-en-scene, cinematography, sound or editing.

Film Appreciation - Film Appreciation research papers examine the appreciation for film through the understanding of genre and filmmaking techniques employed in the construction of a motion picture.

Film Kingdom of Heaven - Film Kingdom of Heaven Research Papers delve into an example of an order placed for a film analysis that requires two full length professional reviews of the film.

Gangster Films In Global Cinema - Gangster Films in Global Cinema Research Papers look at a sample of an order placed for a comparison of different gangster films.

Glory - Glory research papers discuss the historical film Glory on African American Soldiers in the Civil War.

Golden Age of Hong Kong Cinema - Golden Age of Hong Kong Cinema Research Papers look at Hong Kong's film production from 1981 to 1993, and who dominated the big screen during this time frame.

Goodfellas - Goodfellas research papers delve into a film about gangsters and criminal activity, and compares the evil of two characters.

Good Will Hunting - Film research papers are seldom summaries of a plot but rather an in depth look at the value of the film.

Hays Code - Hays Code research papers discuss the Motion Picture Production Code of 1939. The research examines the origin and details of the Hays Code, which came almost three decades after the creation of the NRB, including the environment and criticism that spawned its creation.

History of Film - History of Film research papers look into the history of film that dates to the invention of moving pictures in the 1890s.

History of Filmaking - History of Filmmaking research papers discuss the history of motion picture and examine the differing techniques used in filmmaking through the years.

Hitchcock Movies - Hitchcock Movies research papers analyze the plot, the characters, symbolism, theme, and point of view of any Hitchcock movies.

Hollywood “book Musicals - Hollywood 'Book' Musicals Research Papers explore an example of an order on a musical film, and how the film conforms to the traditional genre model.

Ides of March - The Ides of March research papers discuss the film that is based on a play written by Beau Willimon and follows the life of a political staff member that is assisting a new Presidential candidate on the campaign trail.

Introduction To Film - Introduction to Film Research Papers examine an order placed on how to analyze, interpret meaning, and evaluate films.

Kanehsatake - Kanehsatake Research Papers discuss an award winning film details the 270 yrs of history between the Mohawk,and the British, French, and Canadians.

Katharine Hepburn - Katharine Hepburn research papers look at this actress's life.

Kramer vs. kramer - Kramer vs Kramer Research Papers discuss how to write a film review and what points need to be explained in the review.

Life Is Beautiful - Life is Beautiful research papers delve into the potential reactions people choose when faced with a crisis such as Holocaust.

Literature and Film - Literature and Film research papers discuss the difference between reading a book and watching a movie. Many great works of literature have been adapted for screen and comparing and contrasting the two makes for an excellent research project.

Lone Star - Lone Star Research Papers delve into a movie about a mystery, and has all the cliffhangers of a soap opera.

Mack Sennett - Mack Sennett Research Papers discuss this film maker, his film style, and the historical impact of his work.

Maltese Falcon - The Maltese Falcon research papers examine scenes from the film The Maltese Falcon.

Managed Care - Managed Care research papers look at how managed care focuses on different business models, ranging from individual physicians existing as part of a network, to entire medical facilities comprised of specialists in an array of areas.

Marilyn Monroes Death - Marilyn Monroe's Death Research Papers delve into an example of an art research paper with specific information that must be included in the paper, and the sources that are legitimate.

Mary Reilly - Mary Reilly Research Papers explore a comparison of the movie and the book, and which presents a stronger version of the character.

Memento Analysis - Memento Analysis Research Papers discusses how to write a research paper on this suspenseful and complex crime story.

Minority Report - Minority Report Research Papers look at the film by Steven Spielberg, and discusses attitudes found in the film and its political content.

Misery - Miseryresearch papers explain the film based on the novel by Stephen King about an author that is in an accident, and saved by his number one fan, who becomes violent.

Monster Movie - The Monster Movie Research Paper examines the the history of the monster movies from the 1930's to the 1990's.

Monster Movies From 19651991 - Monster Movies From 1965-1991 Research Papers look at how the censorship of horror movies has changed from the 1960's to the early 1990's.

Moulin Rouge - Essay on Moulin Rouge and the classical Hollywood musical.

Movie and Book Comparison - Movie and Book Comparison research papers look at how to compare books with the movies inspired by them.

Movie Film Review - Pick a Movie Research Papers examine an order placed on a claim based argument, requiring professional reviews of the film of your choice.

Movie Review - Movie Review Research Papers delve into an order placed on the film the Pursuit of Happiness with specific paper structure.

Mr. Roger's Neighborhood - Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood research papers evaluate the influence that Fred Roger's had on the lives of children.

Much Ado About Nothing - William Shakespeare Much Ado About Nothing Research Papers delve into an order placed on a film with specific questions to be answered.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding - My Big Fat Greek Wedding Research Paper looks at a sample of a order placed to analyze an opening scene of a movie.

Mystic river - Mystic River is not a fairy tale, and unlike fairy tales, it contains some basic ambiguities that remain unresolved.

Nantucket Film Festival - The Nantucket Film Festival Research Paper discusses this annual event that allows independent directors and screenwriters to show their work.

North By Northwest - North and Northwest Research Papers delve into a film by Alfred Hitchcock about the United States Government and their use of spies during the Cold War.

O Brother Where Art Thou - O Brother, Where Art Thou Research Papers look at a film about three escaped convicts who set out to find buried treasure.

Once Were Warriors - Once Were Warriors Research Papers delve into the Maori Tribe in New Zealand and the harsh, and gritty events that nearly destroy their family.

Pan's Labyrinth - Pan’s Labyrinth research papers discuss a Spanish-Mexican dark fairy tale fantasy movie that was released in 2006.

Personality Disorder In Fatal Attraction - Personality Disorder found in Fatal Attraction Research Papers look at a movie about a married man who has an affair with a woman that has this disorder, and the events that follow when he tries to end it.

Philadelphia Story - Philadelphia Story research papers discuss and explain the story of the film, especially the importance of the opening scene of George Cukor's classic movie.

Platoon - Platoon Research Papers explore Oliver Stone's work on a man Chris Taylor played by Charlie Sheen's experience in Vietnam War.

Pretty Woman - Pretty Woman Research Papers discuss a movie about how the different social classes in society are treated.

Primal Fear - Primal Fear Research Papers look at a movie about a young man who viciously murdered a priest.

Pursuit of Happiness - Pursuit of Happiness Research Papers look at a sample of an order placed on an assignment based on a movie.

Rebel Without A Cause - Rebel Without a Cause Research Papers look at a movie starring James Dean about a teenager that is struggling to fit in.

Roger and Me - Roger and Me Research Papers delve into a documentary film by Michael Moore about the effect that the GM plant closings had on his hometown and the community.

Ron Howards Cinderella Man - Ron Howard's Cinderella Man film review and essays on Ron Howard.

Rules and Mad Love - The Rules and Mad Love research papers explores the points of intersection and divergence between the popular self-help book The Rulesand the 1995 film Mad Love.

Saving private ryan - Essays on Saving Private Ryan, directed by Spielberg. Saving Private Ryan research papers and custom art essays on many films

Schindlers List - Schindler's List Research Papers go into the lives of the Jewish people, and also that of the Nazi tormentors.

Science fiction films - Topics on Science fiction films can be on any aspect of the characteristics of science fiction films from a technological or stylistical standpoint.

Shakespeare In Love - Shakespeare in Love Research Papers study the film and the inaccuracies and accuracies.

Sociology of Film - Sociology of Film Research Papers delves into an order placed on the cinematic analysis and also the sociological framework of four different films.

Spiderman Two - Spider-Man Two Research Papers delve into a movie that contains two main struggles good versus evil and the internal struggle that Peter Parker faces.

Spike Lee - Spike Lee Research Papers go into the life of a filmmaker and gives a synopsis of his films.

Star Wars - Star Wars Research Papers delve into what different critics had to say about the movie directed by George Lucas.

Straight Outta Compton - Research papers on Straight Outta Compton discuss the movie that generated much controversy because of the comparison between its popularity and respectability politics.

The Caine Mutiny - The Caine Mutiny Research Papers discuss a film of one of the best military courtroom dramas.

The Constant Gardener - The Constant Gardener Research Papers explore the unethical practices of multinational pharmaceutical firms, the exploitation of impoverished populations, and the corruption of Kenyan health officials.

The Daughters of The Dust - The Daughters of the Dust Research Papers illustrate the connectedness of African Americans in their traditonal customs and their emergence into the blended society.

The Full Monty - TheThe Full Monty Research Papers discuss a group of unemployed steelworkers, and their relationships.

The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo - The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo Research Papers discuss this movie, which came out in 2009. Art and film reviews are avaliable at Paper Masters.

The Godfather - The Godfather Research Papers look at the 1972 film which is focused on a sociological study of violence, power, and corruption.

The Keepers - Research papers on The Keepers discuss the seven-episode series on Netflix that takes an in-depth look at the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik.

The Kings Speech - The King's Speech is a British historical drama that was released in 2010.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen research papers look at a film directed by Stephen Norrington and reviews this film.

The Man Who Knew Too Much - The Man Who Knew Too Much Research Paper looks at a film by Alfred Hitchcock about a traveling couple who accidentally become part of an international plot to kill the Prime Minister.

The Matrix - The Matrix Research Paper looks at the apparent world of an apparent society that is essentially illusory and controlled by computer programs.

The Piano By Jane Campion - The Piano by Jane Campion research papers discuss the film and its plot and symbols.

The Red Violin - The Red Violin Research Papers explore a story of a violin that seems to touch the lives of everyone that it comes in contact with.

The Sixth Sense - The Sixth Sense Research Paper examines this psychological thriller starring Bruce Willis who plays a psychologist.

Two Forms of Performance - Two Forms of Performance Research Papers and delve into an example of how to order a paper on a comparative critique.

Unforgiven - Research papers on the Unforgiven discuss the 1992 film directed by Clint Eastwood.

Walt Disney - Walt Disney Research Papers explore the life of the greatest and best known iconic figure in the twentieth century.

Why Hollywood Glamorizes Organized Crime - Why Hollywood Glamorizes Organized Crime Research Papers look at three perspectives on this question, one being the relationship of organized crime to Hollywood, the ability of mafia entertainment to sell.

Wizard of Oz and Star Wars - A comparison research paper on the Wizard of Oz and Star Wars looks into the similarities between two of the most popular films of the 20th century.

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