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Surrealist Movement

Surrealist Movement

Surrealist Movement research paper are written by our art history writers that understand the elements of the movement, the style of art that was produced and considered surrealism and the artists that dominated the era. Get help today on any research on the Surrealist movement.

The goal of the Surrealist movement was to revolt against the way things were, a revolutionary idea that swept through the art world after branching off from Dadaism. Surrealism was intertwined with revolutionary ideas, especially against the idea of a capitalistic system. The Surrealists wanted to liberate art from the constraints placed on it by society, purge politics from its corruptive influences, and free society from destructive forces.

Andre Breton, who emerged as the leader of the surrealists when he published the Manifeste du surrealisme; Poisson soluble in Paris in 1924, wrote in the publication of the first surrealistic journal, La Revolution surrealiste, that "It is necessary to start work on a new declaration of the rights of man." La Revolution surrealiste was filled with revolutionary and scandalous ideas on issues of suicide, death, and violence. Writers filled the journal with commentary and poetry on these themes while artists represented them in works of art. As the movement grew, the journal took on a more political stance, which was pro-communist and anti-capitalist. It also took on issues of sexuality, with open discussions on sex and even on the perverse.

As the Surrealism movement progresses, Surrealistic painting took on two forms:

  • Abstract
  • Symbolic

This schism in the movement was based on the surrealists' feelings over Carl Jung's view of the subconscious. The Automatist Surrealists believed that art was confined by the dictates of form and should focus more on feeling, needing a more abstract representation to free expression from the subconscious. The Automatists Surrealists rebelled against the use of form in favor of this free flow of inspiration from the subconscious. They snubbed the elite, incited scandal, and mocked the traditions of the art society during the height of the Surrealistic movement in the 1920s and 1930s.

Joan Miro's work is representative of Automatist paintings in that his work seems inspired by a lack of form and emphasis on free flow from the subconscious. "Table with Moustache" is a series of abstract images stretching beyond the boundaries of its structure.

The Veristic Surrealists, on the other hand, thought form and structure was essential to grasp the inspiration of images intact from the unconscious. The Veristic Surrealists believed that if images were not recorded quickly and faithfully from the subconscious mind, that they would be immediately lost upon reaching the conscious mind. They believed that the images they represented could be understood if they were looked into, analyzed, and seen merely as a representative of the inner, spiritual core.

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Surrealist Movement Research Papers

A Surrealist Movement Research Papers delve into the leader of this movement, and the two forms of paintings - abstract and symbolic.

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