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Works of Art

Works of art range from paintings to coiled basketry to African Masks. Paper Masters custom writes art essays on any work of art in any genre of art. From Michelangelo's David to The Last Supper, any work of art can be explicated by the expert writers at Paper Masters.



Research Paper Topic Suggestions on Works of Art

African Masks - Research paper topic suggestion on the tradition of African Masks and their relationship to fetishes.

American Folk Art - American Folk Art research papers examine the folk art that is produced in cultural isolation by artists or artisans.

Artistic Representations of Zeus – Artistic Representations of Zeus term paper overviews several instances of the Greek God Zeus from Greek Mythology in art.

Coiled Basketry- Coiled Basketry Research Paper delves into the history and contemporary application of coiled baskets.

Picasso’s Girl Before a Mirror – Picasso’s Girl before a Mirror reflects a woman looking not out to her viewers as the Ramos women do, but rather into the mirror, and into herself.

Kirchner’s Street, Dresden- Kirchner’s Street, Dresden Term Paper looks at a painting by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner that hangs in the New York Museum of Modern Art.

The Last Supper- The Last Supper Research Paper discusses the restoration of this painting, and the differences in the two new paintings compared to the original.

Lise Sewing by Renoir - Lise Sewing by Renoir term paper explores the renaissance era painter and his use of color.

Marionette Essay – Marionettes that populated experimental modernism in theater came to signify a number of the emergent philosophies and aesthetic principles that were in currency during the period.

Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel – The Sistine Chapel is an example of Michelangelo’s impatience with others as previously mentioned.

Michelangelo’s David – Michelangelo’s David, created in 1504, represents not only the artist’s incredible talent for sculpting the human form.

Michelangelo’s Pieta – Michelangelo’s most famous piece of sculpture is probably the Pieta of 1498-9.

Michelangelo’s The Last Judgement – In the Last Judgement, we can still see his delight in the beauty of the nude human figure.

Starry Night- Starry Night Term Paper inspects Vincent Van Gogh’s painting and the meaning behind it.

Sunflowers Van Gogh - Sunflowers Van Gogh research papers examine flower paintings by one of the greatest painters in history.

Transformation Masks – This is a term paper on the transformation masks used by the Native American Indians. How they were used and their purpose will be examined.