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Arizona's Immigration Law

Research papers on the Arizona immigration law would first examine the significance of immigration to the growth of the United States, with an emphasis on demonstrating how the immigration of legal aliens to this country has played a key role in the development of the nation’s social, political and economic institutions. Arizona's Immigration LawResearch papers on the Arizona immigration law would then look at how the uncontrolled flow of illegal immigrants from the Mexican border has challenged these institutions, creating social unrest, political conflict and major economic costs. Finally, research papers on the Arizona immigration law would examine its provisions, how they are expected to work and what supporters and critics have to say about the law.

Throughout its history, the United States has been regarded as one of the most open and tolerant countries when it comes to allowing the people of the world to enter its borders. Unfortunately, the social, political and economic problems associated with the migration of illegal aliens from across the Mexican border and the failure of the American government to stem the flow has prompted the passing of the Arizona immigration law designed to mitigate those problems. The concept of enacting a state law to control immigration is a controversial one. Nevertheless, if the Arizona immigration law succeeds in what the United States government has failed to accomplish in mitigating the problem of illegal immigration, it can be expected that the other Border States will one day follow with their own immigration laws.

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