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Architecture Research Paper Topics

Research papers in architecture are often geared towards specific designs or architects. Many topics range from the architect Peter Behrens to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You can read through the architecture research paper topics below to help you find a topic for your architecture project.


Research Paper Topic Suggestions in Architecture

African Architecture - African Architecture research papers delve into the Romantic Period and the inspirations behind the architecture during this time.

Ancient Roman Architecture - Ancient Roman Architecture research papers examine the numerous structures built by the Romans.

Architecture Design - A research paper on architecture design examines the standards needed to create structures with durability, functionality, and aesthetics.

Baroque Architecture - Baroque Architecture research papers discuss the European Architecture that began in the late 16th century.

Buckingham Fountain - Buckingham Fountain Research Paper looks at the design and the immensity of this fountain and the history.

Christopher Wren - Christopher Wren Term Paper delves into the life of this brilliant architect, and his design of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Frank Gehry - This is a research paper on Frank Gehry, the architect. The project will be biographical and discuss his work.

Gothic Revival - Gothic Revival term papers analyze the architectural style popular in England beginning in the 1740s.

Great Flavian Amphitheater - The Great Flavian Amphitheater Research Paper explores the structure of the Coliseum and how its a living legacy.

Leaning Tower of Pisa - The Leaning Tower of Pisa Research Paper examines the Italian landscape, and the history of its construction.

Lysippos - Lysippos Research Paper explores one of the greatest Greek sculptors of the Classical Age.

Medieval Architecture - Study of the two types of medieval architecture: Religious and Military.

Peter Behrens - Peter Behrens Research Paper explores the career of a painter and graphic artist.

Properties of Engineering Materials - The object of the research presentation is to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate an ability to use references and access electronic information relating to the properties of engineering materials, and to effectively present this information.

Take a Walk In Your Town - How to write an examination of the architecture in your town.

Walter Gropius - Walter Gropius Research Paper explores the life of one of the most prominent architects of the twentieth century.