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How to Write an Archaeology Research Paper

Archaeology is a fascinating topic to write a research paper on. You can approach the subject from many different aspects such as geographically, historically or even socially. Paper Masters can show you how to write an archaeology research paper here on this website or by ordering a custom one from our expert writers.

Steps to take in researching topics for archaeology papers

  1. Choose one concept that interests you the most.
  2. Choose two archaeological sites (a.k.a. digs) related to your concept. (Please note that not all sites cover each concept.)
  3. Use the library and/or the Internet to search for sources on your concept and on the sites you have chosen. You can also Google information by conducting a search with words such as "domestication archaeological sites," for example.

Outlining an Archaeology Research Paper

  1. Introduction: Statement of purpose introducing the two sites and your chosen concept.
  2. Discussion: (This section should be a minimum of three paragraphs in length.) Topic sentence that discusses what this concept tells archaeologists about humanness.
    1. Topic sentence that discusses how this concept developed over time.
    2. Topic sentence that discusses when this concept spread throughout the world.
  3. Conclusion: Statement that describes how this concept is evidenced in today's society. For example, if you choose the concept of tool development in your outline, write a sentence or two explaining how tool development is used evidenced and what this may indicate about humanness (i.e., computers, household appliances, etc.).
  4. Reference page: This is where you will insert a list of the five references you studied. This list must be in APA format.

Note: In your final project, you will develop each paragraph with examples from your two archaeological sites.

Question to Explore in an Archaeology Research Paper

In your archaeology research paper, you will be expected to discuss your chosen concept and follow its status through time using two archaeological sites as examples. In your research paper, look for sources that can answer the following questions:

  • What does this concept tell archaeologists about humanness?
  • Why did archaeologists think this concept was important to study?
  • How did this concept develop over time?
  • When did this concept spread throughout the world?
  • How do these archaeological sites help support this concept and the above ideas?
  • How is this concept evidenced/perceived/conducted today?

Related Research Paper Topics

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Stonehenge research papers look at the amazing phenomena from the standpoint of archeology.

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The Paleolithic Age research papers discuss the time period of human prehistory when primitive stone tools were discovered.