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Anti-War Sentiment in All Quiet on the Western Front

How do you start a Anti-War Sentiment in All Quiet on the Western Front research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Paul (the main character) and his friends were embroiled in what came to be called The Great War. Anyone who has read All Quiet on the Western Front must know that there was nothing great about this war. No grand names for the war on the front page of newspapers can change the fact that soldiers, who went off to fight for pride and honor were subjected to unimaginable, wholesale butchery.

In your research paper on the anti-war sentiment in All Quiet on the Western Front, focus on the following anti-war aspects of the novel:

  • How the illustration of day-to-day events depicted the anti-war sentiment of the author.
  • How the author used shock to illustrate anti-war sentiment
  • How the characters, though they were not anti-war, illustrated anti-war sentiment
Anti-War Sentiment in All Quiet on the Western Front

Anti-War Sentiment

The day-to-day experience of war was not noble or grand. It was about generals sending thousands of teenagers to die over few yards of land that would be lost again a few days later in another battle. In this Great War, this pointless loss of life went on for over four years.

Remarque was right to shock people into realizing why war should be avoided at all costs. If his novel seemed harsh and unbelievable to critics, it was only because they had no idea what was really going on in battle. Any soldier could have confirmed for them that war was an unspeakably terrible experience.

All Quiet on the Western Front

By forcing people to think so deeply and unflinchingly about war, All Quiet on the Western Front has done a great service to humanity. It has shown strongly and dramatically that, whatever the apparent advantages of war may seem to be, it is nothing compared to the loss of human life and the destruction of the human spirit that it causes.

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