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Latin American Culture

Latin American Culture

Latin American culture research papers focus on the anthropological aspects of the culture and its origins. Paper Masters will custom write anthropology research papers for any college level class you have.

Latin American culture encompasses a wide range of practices and customs in the following countries:

Your research paper on Latin American culture will want to show that these countries combine elements of pre-Columbian cultures, European colonial powers, largely Spanish, but also including Portugal and France, and African cultures brought to the New World by slaves. Latin American culture can include elements of high culture, such as literature, low culture, such as folk art, and the influence of religion, both Roman Catholicism and native religions.

Languages of Latin America

From the American southwest (Texas, New Mexico, Arizona) south through Mexico, Central America, all of South America, and the Caribbean, lands where Spanish is the predominant language (expect Brazil, where it is Portuguese), Latin American culture expresses itself in vital and unique ways. The mixture of Native Americans, European immigrants, and African slaves created a cultural combination that has produced musical styles ranging from Mexican conjuto and Cuban habanera to the Argentine tango and the unique sounds of Andean music.

Latin American culture also has its unique foods. Many are maize-based, including tortillas, tamales, and pupusas, complimented by salsas, guacamole, or pico de gallo. The overriding theme of Latin American culture is that each Latin American nation seems to have its own unique cultural identity. While there are some similarities, Argentine culture is different from Peruvian, as it is from Mexican or Cuban.

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Latin American Culture Research Papers

Latin American Culture research papers discuss the practices and customs in North, Central, and South America.

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