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Hindu Nationalism

Hindu Nationalism

The roots of Hindu nationalism can be traced to the struggle for self-identity among Indians during the years of colonial oppression by the British and the dominance of Islamic rule prior to that. Have a custom written project on Hindu Nationalism done by the writers at Paper Masters.

Popular topics on Hindu Nationalism include the following various research posibilities:

  • A historical overview of nationalism in Hindu nations
  • Nationalism in India, a Hindu nation
  • The benefits of nationalism for Hindu states

A national identity is critical to establishing an independent nation state, especially one that has been under the control of an imperial power. But national identity can be formed around the common purpose. In 1928, a pamphlet published by Vinayak Savarkar posited that a Hindu was a person who believed that India was both their fatherland as well as a holy land. This type of nationalism differed from other similar belief systems in its emphasis on the importance of the Hindu faith. While nationalism has long been a prominent belief among Indians since their independence in 1947, it is only recently that such emphasis is being placed on the Hindu element of this position.

Because of the oppression enforced by the caste system in India, this nationalist movement gained traction with those in lower castes. Many believed that the country needed to return to an older form of Hinduism, as that was the essential part of being Indian. Naturally, this led to non-Hindu Indians feeling fear or trepidation. This sense of hostility, whether intended by the Hindu nationalist movement or not, led to the group's practices being banned at various points in the country's history. Because Hindus make up the vast majority of the population, the movement has been gaining a great deal of support in recent years, including with the electoral victories of the Bharatiya Janata Party, the leading Hindu nationalism political party.

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Hindu Nationalism Research Papers

Research papers on Hindu Nationalism discuss the Indians struggle for self-identity during the years of colonial oppression by the British and the dominance of Islamic rule prior to that.

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