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If you order a custom research paper on deculturization in America, you will learn that deculturalization creates a sense of diaspora in a group or individual. Research illustrates that groups that have experienced this form of deculturalization include the following:

  1. The European explorers/settlers in the Americas
  2. The Africans displaced in the slave trade
  3. Hispanic immigration into the United States

Deculturalization in America is a complicated and incendiary issue. Assimilation, in which members of other cultures lose their cultural traditions, beliefs and values as they become absorbed in the dominant culture can occur willingly or even unknowingly, as they live among the culture they have come to. Accommodation, in which the new members give up some of their culture and the established cultures takes on some of the culture of the incoming members, is a joint process of "adjustment of differences-reconciliation". It can make for a rich and vibrant culture. Acculturation occurs when one willingly adapts to the adopted culture in which s/he lives without giving up all of one's first culture. It can lead to a rich life for the individual.

Deculturalization in America

Deculturalization, however, is the assimilation of the members of an outside group by the primary group in a way that leaves little or no choice to the outside group. African slaves brought to America were systematically deprived of their culture in an attempt to make them more compliant in their situation. Rather than use acculturation, accommodation, or assimilation, deculturalization causes bitterness, resentment and feelings of inadequacy. Spring calls segregation and the early educational system primary promoters of deculturalization. Native Americans have been able to hold on to much of their culture in spite of segregation.

American Society and Culture

However, the American society has lately become more sensitive to honoring the cultures of its new members and, although all people begin to take on characteristics of those they live with, holding onto the ways of the birth culture has begun to be recognized as a good thing for the person and his/her adopted culture as well.

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