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Concept of Race

Concept of Race

Research papers on the concept of race are very relevant today, as the United States is still battling with race and equality in many respects. You may want to write your research project on the concept of race with the following things in mind:

  • How has the concept of race changed over the past decade?
  • How has the concept of race eroded and made discrimination more or less prevalent?
  • Define the concept of race as YOU see it.
  • Define the concept of race as you believe other's see it.

Concept of Race in research papers assert that between 1930 and 1965, both the scientific and sociopolitical meaning of race changed. The race concept came to mean a much more specific set of human groupings and lost virtually all of its scientific legitimacy as a natural, unchanging biological essence. With the onset of the Depression era, race became a very significant fact with respect to the suffering and poverty. African Americans felt the sting of the Depression so much more severely many other groups as supported by the Urban League's report that black unemployment was 30-60% more than whites. It would appear that the U.S. racial system gave an advantage to whites - access to better jobs, unions, housing and income. Therefore the purpose of race as a concept was to distribute the scarce resources and opportunities. This method distributing the building blocks of the American Dream have played a major role in how the different ethnic groups live, think about government, and vote. In his book Race Matters, Cornel West said "the exodus of stable industrial jobs from urban centers to cheaper labor markets here and abroad, housing policies that have created "chocolate cities and vanilla suburbs", white fear of black crime, and the urban influx of poor Spanish-speaking and Asian immigrants-all have helped to erode the tax base of American cities just as the federal government has cut its support and programs. The result is unemployment, hunger, homelessness, and sickness for millions".

Race and Society

The concept of race seems to play a distinct role in our society, most notably that of arbiter of opportunity. Earlier it was mentioned that when there are fewer opportunities available than individuals to fill them, something had to serve as a ruler or measuring stick to determine who receives the opportunities. I believe that this screening is largely superficial at first and then later more deep rooted. For example, on the surface, you may have a specific number of manufacturing jobs available... When the jobs are first conceptualized, the business owner must have a plan for where they will be located. The likelihood of an industrial park being located within a reasonable distance from an urban area is low. While this may be attributed to basic city logistics, it in fact serves as a superficial screening tool. How? Think transportation. In order to reach the industrial park, you need a working vehicle, with inspections fees, insurance coverage and money for fuel. The average urban individual will of necessity rely on public transit of some form. With the economy as it has been, cities have been cutting budgets where possible. Transit has been frequently targeted in certain. This all adds up to a marvelous screening tool, which of necessity will adversely impact a larger minority population than those in the majority. Thus, you have the superficial obstacle which leads to a more hidden obstacle. It may not have been the intention of the business owner, but a simple decision on location of the manufacturing jobs will necessarily benefit the majority.

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Concept of Race Research Papers

Concept of Race research papers for sociology classes. Research papers on the concept of race are very relevant today, as the United States is still battling with race and equality in many respects.

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