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American Identity

American Identity

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Must use Crèvcoeur's "What is an American?" as a springboard to discuss your definition of what constitutes an American Identity in American Identity Research Paper.

American Identity Essay

You should begin your essay with:

  1. An opening that engages your reader's attention.
  2. An introduction to Crèvcoeur's work, which is your primary source.
  3. In your introduction, provide a brief summary of Crevcoeur's definition of an American, making sure that you identify key characteristics.
  4. Follow your summary of Crèvcoeur's "What is an American?" with your reaction to Crèvcoeur's definition, if you think his observations are true or outdated.
  5. End your introduction with a clear thesis that makes a claim about what/ who an American is. It may help to "map" your essay's organizational pattern in your thesis by identifying main ideas.

Each body paragraph of American Identity Research Paper should include a specific American Identity sentence highlighting the main idea of the paragraph and relating back to the thesis. You may want to focus on one particular aspect of your/ Crèvcoeur's definition per paragraph.

In your discussion of specific aspects pertaining to American identity, be sure to support your assertions and reactions to your primary text with your own observations and personal experiences. Avoid generalizations or clich�s in your discussion, and instead, provide your own unique perspective, as one who was born in this country, one who has become a citizen, or one who has come to America to attend school. Think about relevant experiences or anecdotes you may include as vivid illustrations of your points. Reread some of the assigned personal essays, such as Miller's "This Old Piece of Cloth," for guidance.

End your American Identity Research Paper with a conclusion that does more than summarize your essay's main points. Instead, you may want to talk about whether or not our understanding of what it means to be American remains consistent from one generation to the next or if it has evolved and continues to evolve in light of recent events.

Must include:

  1. An interesting title.
  2. An introductory paragraph that establishes your definition of what it means to be American in relation to Crèvcoeur's observations.
  3. A clear thesis-controlling idea(s)-at the end of your introduction Clear focus and smooth organization.
  4. Specific examples from your own experiences to support your thesis Discussion of Crèvcoeur in relation to your own views/experiences.
  5. Two direct quotes from your primary source, with proper lead-ins Proper in-text citations for your quotes.
  6. Work Cited page.

2 sources - one must be "What is an American"

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