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Pueblo Indians of New Mexico

Pueblo Indians of New Mexico

Below is a model introduction for a research paper on the Pueblos of New Mexico.

The Pueblos of New Mexico trace their origins to at least three of ancient civilizations. Although many of these pueblos shared common cultural and linguistic attributes, they also demonstrated different social, political and economic characteristics. While New Mexico's pueblo tribes have demonstrated varying degrees of social, political and economic strength and longevity throughout their histories, federally recognized remnants of each tribal community and culture still exist today.

There are several cultures that the Pueblo people descended from:

  1. Mogollon
  2. Hohokam
  3. Ancient Pueblo or Anasazi

The Pueblo Indians - Acoma Tribe

The Acoma are considered one of the oldest pueblo communities in New Mexico and are reported to have migrated and established their presence in the region as early as A.D. 1100, rendering them native Americans. The language of the Acoma is pure Keres and the Acomeos preserved their cultural skills as potters as well as their cultural arts, ceremonies and traditions from antiquity, making them the ideal example of ancient American community life. Although the Acomeo's dealt with rivalries as other tribes entered the region, they first experienced challenges from foreigners in the late 16th century, when the Spaniards tried to impose strict economic and religious measures. The Acomeo's rebellion against the Spaniards led to significant destruction of their villages and the death of hundreds of villagers. Despite numerous other challenges throughout their history, the Acomeo's still exist today in their pre-Columbian location west of Albuquerque.

The Pueblo Indians - The Cochiti Tribe

The Cochiti tribe is closely related to the Acoma tribe, a relationship that is marked by the fact that the Cochiti have historically spoken a dialect of the Keres language. The native name of the Cochiti pueblo is Kotyete or Stone Kiva and the pueblo was established approximately A.D. 1200 by native peoples who reportedly moved down from villages located in the Frijoles Canyon.

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Pueblo Indians of New Mexico Research Papers

Pueblo Indians of New Mexico Research Papers delve into the different tribes of pueblos along with different attributes that are commong among the different tribes along with differences.

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