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Antarctic Conservation Act of 1978 Research Papers

Antarctic Conservation Act of 1978 is just one of many topics concerning the environment that Paper Masters will custom write for you. Have our science writers produce a research project on the Antarctic Conservation Act or any other legislation related to the environment.

Arguably, there are a number of pieces of legislation aimed at protecting the environment and habitable ecosystems around the world.  While some laws are local others have national or international applicability and, surprisingly, carry stiff penalties for violation.  Antarctic Conservation Act of 1978Perusing among the plethora of Acts and laws which protect the environment, one of the most interesting, yet somewhat obscure is Public Law 95-541 (as amended by Public Law 104-227) of the Antarctic Conservation Act of 1978 which “protects native mammals, birds, and plants and their ecosystems”.  According to this Act, any expedition that originates from the United States to Antarctica is bound to follow certain rules unless otherwise authorized by permit.  For instance, unless otherwise authorized by permit it is unlawful to: take native mammals or birds; engage in harmful interference; and discharge pollutants.  Fines for such actions can include up to one year of imprisonment and $25,000 in fines . 

Looking at the Act more critically, it becomes apparent that the protocols for the legislation and the enforcement of the regulations takes place in the Office of Polar Programs.  Their address is as: Office of Polar Programs, Room 755, National Science Foundation. 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia, 22230.  Thus, while the Office of Polar Program oversees this particular Act, the National Science Foundation is responsible for funding and staffing to this particular agency.  Because the Antarctic Conservation Act is the end result of the National Science Foundation, understanding this organizations goals and mission becomes pertinent to understanding the creation of the Act.

According to the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Website the organization was created in 1950 as an independent government organization.  Its primary mission relates to the following:

  1. To promote the progress of science
  2. To advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare
  3. To secure the national defense 

While the organization has a number of objects, its most important is to advance science not only in the United States, but also abroad through large networks of collaboration between scientists.  Despite the fact that the organization has worked tirelessly to build a network of collaboration around the globe, the reality for the NSF is that it only has the authority to allocate funds and adjudicate programs within the United States.  In fact, looking at the Foundation’s website, it is clear that a majority of the work done by this organization is between other agencies, Congress, states and other advisory committees within the United States.

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