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Angels in America Research Papers

Angels in America provides a fascinating look at several traditional themes in historical fiction. Paper Masters writes custom research papers on any topic or book you need reviewed or explicated. We also can help suggest topics for any type of research paper you need. However, when you need Angels in America reviewed for your research paper, we suggest focusing on the following topics:

  • Identity in Angles in America
  • The place of Community in the story
  • Status versus change

Tony Kushner’s “Angels in America” is a fascinating tapestry of characters to write a book report on – historical and fictional, effective and inept, compassionate and corrupt.  Prior Walter is one of Kushner’s complex creations, a decent homosexual man felled by the scourge of AIDS.  It is to Prior that the Angel of America appears, though the reader of the book report is privy to the interactions between mortal and messenger as well. Angels in America research papers have been written by literature experts. We can produce a custom written project following your guidelines.

Angels in America

Angels in America

When the Angel first crashes through the ceiling of Prior’s room, he is disturbed by the event.  Is he hallucinating?  Is this strange being illusory, just part of his degenerative disease?  Prior becomes more vexed as his interactions with the Angel continue.  She represents “retro” in the extreme, convinced that God has abandoned humankind because of our wanderings – or some might say our progress.  Bestowing the title of “prophet” and its inherent burden on Prior, she exhorts him to “stay put” and to act as an agent for regression to a time before human beings began their never-ending search for something better, or at least different.  With the Mormon presence such an important one to the play, one cannot help but see connections between the pilgrimage of the Latter Day Saints to Utah and the “migrations” that the Angel claims are so abhorrent to God.

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