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Angelou and Walker

How do you start a Angelou and Walker research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:

Maya Angelou and Alice Walker have many things in common.

  1. They are both African American Women, writers, who have led very complete and diverse lives, full of unique experiences.
  2. Adversity and tragedy have had a place in both their lives.
  3. Neither Angelou or Walker succumbed to anger or depression, instead strengthening their souls on these hardships.
  4. Both Angelou and Walker used their experiences of hardship as a springboard for growth, using their art and intelligence to transmit their stories and ideas to the world. Angelou and Walker

From this, as most writers do, Angelou and Walker write a great deal from their own experiences. For this reason, a majority of their works regard the dilemmas and circumstances facing the African American population and women, two groups to which they both claim proud ownership. But, as members of the human race, the content of their writing also branches out to include Angelou and Walkers relevant to most individuals cruelty, loneliness, sexuality, and aging to name but a few. The abortion legacy that both authors leave is one that all of society can benefit from.

Alice Walker writes about the authors she was obliged to read for a course on Southern writers and the South that she took while attending college in the North. Not one black author was included on the syllabus and the most flattering thing she could say about O’Connor was that in her later work she was, thankfully, more apt to not fully develop her black characters and in so doing less likely to develop stereotypical patterns. The point is that there have been very few brutally honest renditions of the life of African Americans in the south, before or after slavery. What there is often has been influenced by bias and what has not centered chiefly on the life of black men. Alice Walker and Maya Angelou provide an invaluable service to all of society in that, whether fictionalized or in their narrative voice, they will not let the myths of the South, and the plight of southern black women go unaccounted.

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