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Ancient African History Research Papers

Ancient African history research papers discuss civilization's beginnings. Paper Masters custom writers all our research papers according to your topic. Therefore, if you have a paper due on ancient Africa, our writers are ready to help you with a custom project today.

Human beings emerged out of Africa in the distant prehistoric past, and some of the first civilizations arose on the continent. Evidence of agriculture emerged in Africa about 16,000 BCE, with metallurgy arising about 4000 BCE. The most famous civilization in ancient Africa is that of the Egyptians.

  • The first human beings emerged out of Africa
  • Agriculture began around 16,000 BCE
  • Metals were seen to be used around 4000 BCE

Ancient African History

Up until about 16,000 BCE human beings in Africa were still hunter-gatherers. Wild grains were collected, including wheat and barley, marking the first attempts at agriculture. Animals such as sheep and cattle were soon domesticated as well. Around 5000 BCE, the climate of Africa began to dry, resulting in the Sahara Desert.

Ancient African History in Egypt

The civilization of Egypt was able to arise in the Nile Valley. Annual flooding provided excellent soil for agriculture. The scattered small kingdoms began to coalesce into the first Egyptian dynasties after 3500 BCE. South of Egypt, the Kingdom of Ta-Seti emerged in Nubia, engaging in trade with the Egyptians.

Across North Africa, along the Mediterranean Coast, the Phoenicians established the city of Carthage, which quickly grew into a regional empire. Carthage ruled the Berber kingdoms of Numidia and Mauretania and rivaled Greece and Rome. The Romans conquered the Carthaginians after the three Punic Wars, and by the first century BCE, the Romans had conquered Egypt as well.

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African History research papers overview one of the longest and most complex chapters in human civilization.

Ancient Egypt Culture is of great fascination for scholars and understanding this society and their culture is essential to fully understanding their history.