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Analytic Memo for My Interview

A common assignment on Analytic Memo for My Interview is as follows:

Analytic Memo for my Interview:
In 2-4 pages, try to organize ideas from your interview, identify themes and questions/ideas which, if you were continuing the survey study, you would pursue in further data collection/analysis.

Your approach should be to be concrete, be skeptical and be speculative.

Key evaluation criteria for analytic interview memo:

  • Are terms used in themes/analysis defined clearly?
  • Are multiple quotations used to illustrate different aspects of the theme/idea? Do the themes/ideas seem well-supported by the data?Analytic Memo for My Interview
  • Are the connections between the quotations and the themes clearly explained?
  • Do the themes/analytic ideas make sense of important aspects of the data thus far?
  • Are alternative interpretations and/or limitations of the interpretation considered?
  • Are questions thoughtful and connected to ideas explored in the memo?
  • Are there insights as to how questions could be pursued in further data collection?

Introductory paragraph for Analytic Memo for my Interview

Describe the person/people you are interviewing (e.g., a female, middle school teacher of social studies in her mid 20s), and your purpose in interviewing them.

Introductory paragraph for Analytic Memo for my Interview Research Paper:

Goals for the interview were to get the analysts perspective and his understanding/experience with the program, and what he thinks about his own future with this latest technology.

Interview protocol:
Create a protocol of guiding questions, prompts and/or topics to be covered in the interview. Remember to have a paragraph introducing your project to your interviewee and confirming that they understand your project (it’s for the purpose of the class and may be shared with classmates and professor) and consent to being interviewed.

Interview protocol:
My old Analytic Memo for My Interview was to get the interviewee’s thoughts of Second Life in an educational setting.

My NEW Analytic Memo for My Interview is getting the interviewee’s perspective and understanding on becoming an instructor in Second Life.

Since I have already done the interview, some of my NEW Analytic Memo for My Interview questions were either answered during the interview itself or by a follow-up question in an e-mail.

My interview is to get your perspective and understanding about Second Life in an educational setting. I will NOT ask about any classified information. I will only ask about your experience in general questions for Second Life.

You should audio-record and then transcribe verbatim your interview, marking line numbers and designating each speaker.

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