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American's First Battles

A common assignment on American's First Battles is as follows:

Below identifies the requirement. American's First BattlesThis paper is an Argumentative Paper, on American's First Battles Research Paper. The paper must be 6 pages in length and include a endnotes or footnotes, and a bibliography.

A theme from American's First Battles Research Paper is how - and why -- the U.S. military has repeatedly been unprepared to execute its primary mission at the outbreak of hostilities.

American's First Battles - The Book

Using two examples from this book (or, if you wish, you may select initial operations from:

  1. Operation Just Cause
  2. Operation Desert Storm
  3. Actions in Mogadishu
  4. Operation Enduring Freedom
  5. Operation Iraqi Freedom

Identify the root factors affecting the U.S. Military's readiness to perform its primary function during the initial stages of the conflicts under investigation in American's First Battles Research Paper.

Analysis - American's First Battles

In your analysis, be sure to include:

  1. The role of the NCO in preparing Soldiers to conduct combat operations.

In your conclusion, address whether or not the U.S. Military has overcome the fundamental obstacles to achieving force readiness prior to the commencement of combat operations.

An example of one of the operations as stated above: Operation Iraqi Freedom.

With the official announcement to the close of the major combat operations in the controversially pre-emptive Operation Iraqi Freedom is drawing to a close. At the current juncture, the ongoing U.S.-led military conflict in Iraq is being declared a victory. Despite this determination on the part of the public and much of the media, there have been repeated cautions from the Bush Administration that much work remains to be done in order to fully achieve its stated goals of liberation and regime change, through which the stage can be set for the emergence of a democracy-based government in the future of the United States.

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