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Americana Research Papers

Americana research papers explore various aspects of American history or culture. Paper Masters writers will look at any topic in relation to Americana and apply the concept to your research. Get help on projects that involve writing and research from Paper Masters.

The term “Americana” refers to any collection of artifacts that deals the folklore of American history and culture. There are numerous possibilities as to what constitutes Americana, everything from paintings to household objects. Artifacts that constitute Americana are often wrapped up in notions of both patriotism and nostalgia.


Interesting topics regarding Americana

  • Americana themes in music around the world
  • Americana in art
  • Americana throughout various regions of the United States. For example, compare the South to the Northeast.

Americana can also specify a décor theme, with aspects of both rural America and the American flag being prominent. Americana décor prominently displays the American flag, or at least the red, white, and blue colors of the American flag. Antiques, such as relating to American military history, often called primitives, also characterize Americana décor.

Americana also refers to a specific genre of music, a form of roots music incorporating aspects of country, blues, and folk music, reflecting both modern sensibilities as well as more primitive elements of uniquely American song that may date back to the 1800s.

Americana often simply means what the user wants it to. In terms of visual style, there are prominent displays of both the American flag and historical items related to American history. In terms of the arts, it has connotations with a primitive, past America, one that may never have existed in the first place, but is often celebrated in song and the visual arts. Perhaps the most important piece of Americana is the original Ft. McHenry flag, which inspired the “Star Spangled Banner” and is on display at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.

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