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American School Counselor Association

The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) is a national organization dedicated to helping school counselors in their efforts to help students achieve school success. The ASCA supports members from the elementary school to the college level, empowering them with knowledge, skill, and resources to better assist students.

American School Counselor Association

School counselors are vital in assisting students to make decisions regarding academics, career, and personal life. They can serve as facilitators between students, parents, teachers, and administrators. As a result, it was recognized that these educators needed an umbrella organization to promote professional development.

The American School Counselor Association formed in the 1990s, focusing on three areas—academics, career, and social/personal—publishing a list of standards designed to strengthen the role and professionalism of school counselors. Since then, the ASCA has made it the mission of the organization to represent school counselors in a professional association and promote ethical practices.

Active members of the ASCA provides subscriptions to the journals Professional School Counseling, and ASCA School Counselor in addition to providing regular, certified professional development opportunities. It also offers peer networking for members, allowing others to share their experiences.

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