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American Civil Liberties Union

Research papers on the American Civil Liberties Union may approach the topic from a political science aspect or a sociological aspect. Often times, the American Civil Liberties Union addresses constitutional issues that are of concern to certain sectors of society. Paper Masters will custom write a research paper for you on the American Civil Liberties Union or any constitutional issue you need addressed.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is, by its own admission, the guardian of liberty in the United States. The ACLU is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization founded in 1920 by the following:

Origins of the ACLU

The ACLU originally focused on freedom of speech issues, expanding its size and scope over the decades.American Civil Liberties Union

The ACLU is comprised of over 500,000 members and 200 staff attorneys as well as thousands of volunteer attorneys who work in the nation’s court system on a daily basis in order to protect the rights of individuals. The ACLU is especially concerned with protecting the citizen’s First Amendment rights, equal protection under the law, due process and the right to privacy.

The ACLU works to extend the guaranteed rights to citizens to minority groups that have traditionally been subject to discrimination, including:

The ACLU maintains that if the rights of the most vulnerable members of society are denied, then everyone’s rights are imperiled.

American Civil Liberties Union Leadership

With offices in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, the ACLU is led by an executive director, who manages day-to-day operations, and a president, who acts as chair of the board of directors, an 80-person committee from each state affiliate. The ACLU has argued numerous landmark cases before the Supreme Court.

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