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American Airline Security Research Papers

A research paper on American Airlines and their security looks at how security changed over the past several decades. How 9/11 influenced airline security at American Airline can also be addressed. You can have any aspect of American Airline's Security examined in a custom research paper.

  1. Abstract
  2. IntroductionAmerican Airline Security
  3. Background
    • New procedure for screening passengers and Baggage’s
    • Customer Relations and effect of the screening process
    • The financial impact, the strengthen security plays on the industry as a whole
    • The impact heighten have on international travel
    • Future Trends
    • Limitation, Conclusion and Recommendation

American Airline Security Paper Setup

  1. Abstract
    (The Abstract content identifies the research question (aka the issue, problem, etc.) which is followed by the primary results or recommended solutions. Block style, no indent, and single paragraph, maximum of 100 words.
  2. Background information—including a literature search, interviews etc. utilizing at least 10 different references cited in A.P.A. style in the paper and listed in the reference list. Investigate the background of the problem, need, situation or issue that you have identified. Use current references citing them in A.P.A. style.
  3. Proposal of at least two solutions or recommendations and Propose at least two solutions or recommendations for the new initiative, need, situation, issue, or problem. Identify each one in a separate section of the paper. providing evaluations of the 2 proposed solutions which are supported by APA cited references.
  4. Evaluation of the solutions or recommendations and choice of the primary solution or recommendation with a rationale for that choice. Evaluate the proposed solutions or recommendations. Decide which one best meets the needs of the organization. Give a detailed rationale for the choice. Provide evaluation of the 2 proposed solution which are supported by APA CITED REFERECE.
  5. Citation using A.P.A

Limitations, Conclusions and Recommendations Opening paragraph… This section recognizes that the solutions are based upon certain assumptions and limitations of applicability. It develops the conclusions and recommended solution which is supported by APA cited references.

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