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Am I Thin Enough Yet

Book Review Guidelines for Am I Thin Enough Yet Research Paper:

1. A brief summary of the major ideas in the book: Suggested length: one-half page.

2. An analysis of the cross-contribution between the book and the course: How did the course material and the book compliment each other? How did they work together to contribute to your understanding of the issues involved? Do not limit your analysis to one topic in the course that the book specifically covered. Each book on the reading list can be discussed in terms of almost every chapter in the text, in many of the selections from the readings, and from most of the lectures. For example, a book on widowhood can be effectively related to gender roles, marital power changes, historical changes and family problems. Am I Thin Enough YetThis section should be written from a sociological perspective. How did the author investigate the issue of concern? In what ways can society better deal with the issue discussed? What impact does the issue have on individuals, social institutions, and organizations?

Page Count and Topics Covered

Suggested length: two to three pages.
NOTE: Some of the topics covered in class were - socialization and the life cycle; social interaction and everyday life; groups, networks, and organizations; conformity, deviance, and crime; gender inequality; stratification, class, and inequality;ethnicity and race.

3. A sociological evaluation: Is the book clear, concise, and well-documented? Is it objective, fair and accurate? What are the credentials of the author(s)? Do they provide empirical data or well-reasoned theoretical arguments? How supportive are the data of their positions? Is the book a ?classic? (provides special insight that will resist becoming outdated)? Why or Why not? How important is the book from a sociological perspective? Suggested length: one page.

4. A personal reaction: Did you like the book? Why or why not? Did you find it instructive? To whom would you recommend the book? Should it remain on the recommended reading list? Why or why not? How would you improve the book if you were asked to write a revised edition? Do you have any other book recommendations I might add to the reading list? Suggested length: one-half page.

Review Requirements for Am I Thin Enough Yet

  1. Typed or computer printed; double spaced, one-inch margins
  2. Four to six pages; label each section
  3. No cover pages, folders, or binders
  4. Cite your book on a separate page using an approved format

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